29 Mar: 1980 Snowman Rally report

… The Ladbroke Mercury Motor Inn Snowman Rally, 16th Feb, 1980 … The No-Snow Snowman … It was cold outside, the clouds were gathering and the sun had a touch of redness about it as it set. He fell asleep with one eye open aimed at the window and the […] Read more »

20 Jan: Obituary – John Cowan

… John Cowan, 1940 – 2020 … Sadly, John Cowan passed away last week. Not a name that will be familiar to many of you but a sad loss to Scottish motor sport, particularly to rallying. He may not have been known personally to many of you, but his was […] Read more »

15 Dec: Rallying – The Future?

Motor sport … The Future … Does it have one? … The world as we know it didn’t change the other night (12 Dec). We all got up and went to work as usual the next morning or took the weans to school (13 Dec). Even the weather didn’t offer […] Read more »

29 Nov: The future is electric?

Let’s get one thing straight, there is absolutely nothing wrong with electric cars. In fact, there is much to like. They’re comfortable quick and have fewer moving parts than what most of us currently use, which should make them more reliable, should it not? They do everything that we need […] Read more »

06 Nov: News from Motorsport UK

… Motorsport UK moves up another gear … While the public applauds the fantastic achievements of Lewis Hamilton in securing a sixth FIA Formula One World Drivers’ Championship title, there are issues to be addressed at the grass roots level. Throughout 2019 Motorsport UK has been evaluating the best strategic […] Read more »

03 Nov: Car of the Year 2019

 … MAZDA SPARKS SCOTS SUCCESS … The all-new Mazda3 has clinched the top title at the 2019 Scottish Car of the Year awards. The head-turning newcomer, which debuts the company’s highly efficient and innovative Skyactiv-X petrol powertrain, was a clear winner in its Family car class and then triumphed over […] Read more »

28 Aug: Save Scottish Rallying

… Save Scottish Rallying – Stirling, 18th Aug 2019 … It was like a scene out of Braveheart. The rallying of the clans. They had come from the Highlands, the Lowlands and the Islands, and they had gathered in a great hall within sight of the 12th century Stirling Castle […] Read more »

15 Aug: M-Sport – Testing Times

Gathering to celebrate 40 Years in Business for M-Sport Managing Director Malcolm Wilson OBE, staff at the Cockermouth-based motorsport company are also looking to the future with work on a state-of-the-art Evaluation Centre at the Dovenby Hall Estate now entering its final phase. The multi-million-pound development includes a 2.5 kilometre […] Read more »

13 Aug: Saving Scottish Rallying

… Saving Scottish Rallying … As if it didn’t need it, here’s a couple more teaspoonfuls of petrol for the fire. Already the organisers of Sunday’s (18th) ‘Save Scottish Rallying’ meeting at Stirling University (from 1.30pm) have been swamped with responses and ideas both sensible and fanciful. Well. Here’s some […] Read more »

31 Jul: M-Sport, 40 yrs in Business

… CELEBRATING 40 YEARS IN BUSINESS … M-Sport’s Managing Director, Malcolm Wilson OBE, is celebrating 40 Years in Business this summer. Since forming Malcolm Wilson Motorsport in 1979, his company has gone from strength to strength and M-Sport now operates a thriving motorsport business on the stages and circuits of […] Read more »