How To Get in Touch and What It's All About:

This Website opened for business in late 2008, followed by the Blog in mid 2011, and both have built up a loyal following amongst Scottish rally fans and motoring enthusiasts. It also has a regular and growing readership in other parts of the UK and even abroad.

Many Scottish rally fans now regard this Website and Blog as their first port of call when seeking information, news and reports on the sport, and for Scottish flavoured reviews of current cars and vans.

Due to increasing demand from a growing public audience, the Website was revamped in late 2012 to incorporate advertising to subsidise the running costs and create more content for readers and followers.

The basic premise is simple. The Jaggy Bunnet Website is for longer reports, features and News, while the Blog is used for on-event reports, News snippets, and an eclectic mix of general motoring items which might appeal to the readership.

It works, and works very well. So if you want to reach an influential sector of the buying public with an interest in motor sport and motoring, then get in touch.

The Website needs an overall sponsor and some advertisers. Future plans include ‘Premium Pages’ on which a single sponsor or advertiser will have solus representation, and a series of Features and Interviews are planned which could also be sponsored on an exclusive basis.

Ideally I’m looking for sponsors I can work with, and who have something to contribute to this readership and the sport. The term ‘partners’ is rather over-used these days, but essentially that is what is wanted here.

Talk costs nothing, so get in touch if you want more information and please ensure you add your email address for a response:

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Or just pick up the phone and call John Fife on 01698 833949