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News: Retson for Junior BRC

Spotted at the Autosport Show in Birmingham the other week were the Retsons, Junior and Senior, but they were saying very little. Obviously work had still to be done, people met and deals finalised. Anyway it’s all come good and Finlay will be contesting this year’s Junior British Rally Championship in a brand new M-Sport Ford Fiesta R2 … [News]

News: M-Sport Wants Snow

Life is a funny old thing, eh? Last week there was too much snow (and ice) in Inverness for the Snowman Rally, and yet this week the WRC teams are praying for more snow in Sweden! However the big difference is that they are allowed to use studs with M-Sport saying “the more snow the better!” … [News]

Driven: MG3

Introduced to the market just over 4 years ago, the MG3 is a full five door ‘supermini’ hatch for just under ten grand – and it comes with a 7 year warranty. Over 10,000 were sold, and late last year a new re-vamped version appeared in the showrooms – and it looks a lot more attractive … [Review]

NEW Vauxhall Vivaro

The previous Vauxhall Vivaro could best be described as ‘different’, but I reckon the new one is really quite good looking. More to the point, it will be built in Britain, just like the last one, so that’s good news for the folk in Luton. Most impressive is the towing capacity – 2500 kgs … [First Look]

The Grand Plan

jbtype03The Jaggy Bunnet website is complemented by a Blog (see Navigation Bar above) which will report ‘Live News’ from events, while the Website will publish detailed post-event reports after each rally. Now on Twitter too!   @johnfife1  …. [Read More]

Loudon’s Monte preview

Prior to each round of the World Rally Championship, semi-professional co-driver, Stuart Loudon publishes his own preview of each event. His previews are published in a wide number of publications around the world and his pre-Wales Rally GB preview in October last year was published in this here modest epistle too. It went down rather well, so here’s his Monte Carlo preview … [News]

Special Features

Forestry Fees … Is rallying pricing itself out of the forests?

Rally Timing … Most rallies use ‘Target Timing’, but what is it?

Co-driver’s Guide … Drivers have the easy job, but what do Co-drivers do?

Tyre Talk … Which is better? More power, or more Grip?

Press Matters … Is the Press a necessary evil, or a force for good?

Safety in the forests … marshals need to be identifiable!