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News: Rintoul’s Crail Victory

John Rintoul was back in his winning ways with victory at the UK Rally Scene Summer Stages Rally at Crail. Coincidentally, it was here at Crail that he scored his last victory – in 2015! Rintoul and co-driver Ross Hynd put their ‘wilderness years’ to rest with a commanding display, leading from first stage to last and first time out in the new Ford Fiesta R5 … [Report]

News: Thorburn wins Argyll

Euan Thorburn and Paul Beaton returned to their winning ways in Argyll when they won the Dunoon presents Argyll Rally in their Ford Focus WRC05, but for 4 of the 8 stages Garry Pearson and Dale Bowen led the way in their Ford Fiesta R5 while Bruce McCombie and Michael Coutts were pleased with 3rd despite their own troubles … [Report]

Driven: Ford Fiesta ST-2

Ford’s latest Fiesta ST is a wee firecracker. The 1.5 litre turbocharged three cylinder, pumps out a highly usable and addictable 200hp. At no time does the engine overwhelem the chassis and it responds like a ballerina to a sympathetic director. If you hate traffic jams, this is a driving de-stresser … [Review]

Driven: CUPRA Ateca

The words ludicrous and pointless come to mind when you read the Spec sheet, to be replaced with wanton desire once you drive it. The new subdued styling of the CUPRA Ateca doesn’t shout performance, it’s all about doing the job providing pleasure, pace and practicality. In those respects it just delivers the goods, but boy, does it deliver … [Review]

The Grand Plan

jbtype03The Jaggy Bunnet website is complemented by a Blog (see Navigation Bar above) which will report ‘Live News’ from events, while the Website will publish detailed post-event reports after each rally. Now on Twitter too!   @johnfife1  …. [Read More]

Ian Callum leaves Jaguar

Born and educated in Dumfries then Crieff, and on to the Glasgow School of Art, Ian Callum is ‘retiring’ from Jaguar where he headed up the design team. He once told me that his first job in the automotive industry was with Ford where he was tasked with the design of the door handle for the then new – Ford Transit! From functional utility to sublime flair and subtle flamboyance. Some career, eh? … [Release]

Special Features

Forestry Fees … Is rallying pricing itself out of the forests?

Rally Timing … Most rallies use ‘Target Timing’, but what is it?

Co-driver’s Guide … Drivers have the easy job, but what do Co-drivers do?

Tyre Talk … Which is better? More power, or more Grip?

Press Matters … Is the Press a necessary evil, or a force for good?

Safety in the forests … marshals need to be identifiable!