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News: Bird wins Knockhill

Frank Bird and Jack Morton set 6 Fastest Stages Times out of 8 on their way to victory at the Knockhill Stages Rally. This was the 3rd round of the ‘Motorsport News’ Circuit Rally Championship  and the regulars were joined by some Scottish crews including John Marshall and Scott Crawford who finished 2nd over all … [Report] 

News: Moffett wins JCR

The Jim Clark Rally was back on the roads of Berwickshire for the first time in five years. If it was emotional for the winners Josh Moffett and Andy Hayes, it was even more emotional for the team behind the event who could celebrate a fitting return. David Bogie and Kevin Rae were 2nd ahead of Dale Robertson and Stuart Loudon but the real winner was Scottish rallying … [Report]

Driven: Vauxhall Vivaro Life

Vauxhall’s Vivaro Life is well named. This is a ‘car’ built to adapt to all needs and all jobs. This is not a dual purpose machine, this is a treble purpose machine – for work, rest and play. Whether on the family run, sporting pursuit or everyday work duty. It’s also ideal for rally spectators! … [Review]

Driven: Nissan Leaf e+ Tekna

It might be hard to believe, but this is the second generation Nissan Leaf. When other manufacturers are struggling to establish their first generation electric cars, Nissan has already moved the game on. The result is a very desirable, quick, comfy and desirable motor car … [Review]

The Grand Plan

jbtype03 The Jaggy Bunnet website is complemented by a Blog (see Navigation Bar above) which will report ‘Live News’ from events, while the Website will publish detailed post-event reports after each rally. Now on Twitter too!   @johnfife1  …. [Read More]

The future is electric ?

After a week spent with an electric car, I really wonder if we as a nation are ready for the ‘switchover’. The car itself was great. It drove well, was quick and was comfortable, but I now understand the term ‘range anxiety’. The infrastructure is not yet there to support the wholesale rejection of petrol and diesel vehicles in favour of electric cars, vans, trucks and buses. So let’s not be too hasty in what we wish for … [Read More]

Special Features

Forestry Fees … Is rallying pricing itself out of the forests?

Rally Timing … Most rallies use ‘Target Timing’, but what is it?

Co-driver’s Guide … Drivers have the easy job, but what do Co-drivers do?

Tyre Talk … Which is better? More power, or more Grip?

Press Matters … Is the Press a necessary evil, or a force for good?

Safety in the forests … marshals need to be identifiable!