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News: Jock’s 1st Border

Jock Armstrong scored his first victory on the Brick & Steel Border Counties Rally when he and Paula Swinscoe took the win, but only after the tie-decider had to be applied – Garry Pearson and Robbie Mitchell finished on exactly the same time totals … [Report]

News: Marshall’s DCC Stages

John Marshall and Scott Crawford scored a late victory on the DCC Stages at Ingliston, winning the 8 stage tarmac thrill-fest by 7 seconds from Gary and Gordon Adam and Alistair and Colin Inglis who both tied for the runner-up place … [Report]

Driven: Honda Civic Type R

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf Batman wanted to have a day off and leave The Tumbler at home, he’d need something rather special for a bit of street cred. Well, step forward Honda. The latest Civic Type R GT should fit the bill. Unobtrusively ostentatious, it’s as quick as it looks … [Full Review]

Driven: Fiat 500

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA pink Fiat 500 is not really suitable for a rally journalist to be seen driving, hence it was artfully hidden away during the Border Counties Rally! Trouble was, I really liked the wee thing. It was a hoot to drive – just not in that shade of Glam Coral with what the Italians called ‘Scottie’ trim … [Full Review]

The Grand Plan

The Jaggy Bunnet website should be used in conjunction with the Blog (see Navigation Bar above). The Blog will report ‘Live News’ from events, while the Website will publish detailed post-event reports after each rally. Now on Twitter too!   @johnfife1  …. [Read More]

Citroen WRC 2017

Kris Meeke got his first taste of Citroen Racing’s new 2017 WRC challenger last week when the car broke cover for the first time, and he had a few encouraging comments to make … [More]

Special Features

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Press Matters … Is the Press a necessary evil, or a force for good?

Safety in the forests … marshals need to be identifiable!