09 Feb: Race Circuit Safety Lights

… Motorsport UK forms a major circuit safety programme with the UK circuit owners and the BMSTT … Motorsport UK, the British Motor Sports Training Trust (BMSTT) and the UK’s largest race circuit owners are proud to announce that there will be a rollout of FIA High-Tech Light Panels across […] Read more »

15 Jan: Obituary – Gavin Heseltine

Gavin Heseltine, 1956-2021 I’ve only just heard, but sad to report but another good man gone. Gavin Heseltine passed away last month on the 23rd December. A stalwart of North Humberside Motor Club he was better known to us up here as Allan McDowall’s regular co-driver, first in the Opel […] Read more »

30 Dec: Max – the Horse Power

Going metric was supposed to simplify life. And for sure it made counting your money easier even if everyone rounded up rather than down, but in all other respects it made life more difficult. For instance, we now have speedometers with two scales showing speed, one for ‘mph’ and the […] Read more »

16 Dec: Abu Dhabi GP – Outcome

 … Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, The Aftermath, 16th Dec 2021 … Statement of the FIA World Motor Sport Council On Sunday, another FIA F1 World Championship season of competitive excellence has concluded, and the credit goes to the participating drivers and teams. The FIA congratulates all of them for their performances […] Read more »

28 Nov: Skoda Wins SCoTY 2021

 … SKODA ENYAQ WINS SCOTTISH CAR OF THE YEAR … Skoda’s Enyaq has got off to an electrifying start by being crowned Scottish Car of the Year. The all-electric SUV lifted the top title in a fantastic night for Skoda that saw the company win no fewer than four category […] Read more »

23 Nov: Obituary – Tom Coffield

Tom Coffield, 1926 – 2021 Even if you didn’t know him or ever met him, rally fans will have seen his work. Tom Coffield was an integral part of the Scottish rallying scene for over 40 years, firstly as a competitor and latterly as a motor sports photographer. Sadly, he […] Read more »

15 Nov: Scottish Hill Rally preview

… Scottish Borders Hill Rally, Sat/Sun 20/21 November … The Scottish Borders Hill Rally takes place this weekend at Forrest Estate near St John’s Town of Dalry, but given the current and ongoing Covid restrictions it is not a spectator event and the Service Area is out of bounds to […] Read more »

05 Oct: Targa Rallying

… Targa rallying … If navigational road rallying is too difficult and forest stages rallying is too expensive, there is an alternative – Targa rallying. The navigation is generally much simpler and a road car is all you need to compete. There has been a noticeable increase in interest in […] Read more »

13 Jun: Obituary – Mike Gascoigne

Michael Neil Clifton Gascoigne, 1949 – 2021 Motor sport needs ‘doers’ every bit as much as it needs participants. Those behind the scenes, often faceless figures, that we all seem to take for granted – until something needs sorted or goes wrong. It is notable that at the conclusion of […] Read more »

08 Jun: Obituary – Gavin Gray

Obituary – Gavin Gray, 1956 – 2021 Another good rally man gone. You may not recall the name but you will recognise the mutton chopped face and the polka dotted car. Gavin Gray was one of those rally drivers who were never likely to threaten the front runners far less […] Read more »