05 Oct: Targa Rallying

… Targa rallying … If navigational road rallying is too difficult and forest stages rallying is too expensive, there is an alternative – Targa rallying. The navigation is generally much simpler and a road car is all you need to compete. There has been a noticeable increase in interest in […] Read more »

13 Jun: Obituary – Mike Gascoigne

Michael Neil Clifton Gascoigne, 1949 – 2021 Motor sport needs ‘doers’ every bit as much as it needs participants. Those behind the scenes, often faceless figures, that we all seem to take for granted – until something needs sorted or goes wrong. It is notable that at the conclusion of […] Read more »

08 Jun: Obituary – Gavin Gray

Obituary – Gavin Gray, 1956 – 2021 Another good rally man gone. You may not recall the name but you will recognise the mutton chopped face and the polka dotted car. Gavin Gray was one of those rally drivers who were never likely to threaten the front runners far less […] Read more »

02 Mar: Snowman Rallython

The Virtual Snowman ‘Rallython’ 2021 – March 6th March 6th 2021 should have been the day that the Highland Car Clubs Snowman Rally once again roared into life in the forests of the North of Scotland, kicking off the Scottish Rally Championship year and entertaining the thousands of spectators who […] Read more »

15 Feb: Obituary – Bill Taylor

William Dickson Taylor, 1938 – 2021 Scottish rallying will be saddened to learn of the passing of William Dickson Taylor, better known as Bill to a certain ‘older’ generation of fans and followers. The current generation won’t recognise the name as he wasn’t a flamboyant, outspoken or controversial character. Bill […] Read more »

10 Feb: Obituary – Johnstone Syer

… Johnstone Syer, 1933 – 2021 … One of rallying’s more colourful characters has sadly passed away. Originally a miner and later a photographer with his own studio in Dunfermline, Johnstone Syer was better known as one of the world’s top rally navigators. Note the use of the term ‘navigator’ […] Read more »

21 Jan: Obituary – Farquhar MacRae

Obituary … Farquhar Finlay MacRae, 1937 – 2021 The new year started badly again with news that rally driver and retired garage proprietor Farquhar MacRae passed away in early January in Raigmore Hospital after a short illness. A very quiet, intelligent, practical and resourceful engineer, Farquhar was a rally driver […] Read more »

13 Dec: Obituary – Reay MacKay

… Reay MacKay, 1974 – 2020 … A bad year just got worse. Reay MacKay passed away on Friday, he was just 46 years old. One of the most popular characters on the Scottish rallying scene, Reay was actually quite quiet and yet very sociable. He didn’t need an excuse […] Read more »

04 Dec: Miss Shilling’s Orifice

Skinners Union (SU) Carburetter Company is best known for its automotive applications but, during the Second World War, SU paused road car carburetter production to help with the war effort. This change of direction led SU to be successful in aero carburetion, and their single-point fuel injection pump became standard […] Read more »

07 Nov: Obituary – Phil Walker

… Obituary: Phil Walker, 1946 – 2020 … ‘Uncle Phil’ Walker, the Godfather of Scottish rallying, passed away on Friday morning the 6th of November in a hospice in Edinburgh after a brave fight with leukaemia. An illness endured, as we would expect, with uncomplaining fortitude and good humour. It […] Read more »