26 Jun: Mull – 30 years ago

The organisers of the 2020 Beatson’s Mull Rally have stated that a final decision on whether this year’s event will run or not will be taken by the team and the island on the 24th of July. By that time the picture will be clearer on lockdown/isolation rules. Although it […] Read more »

21 Jun: The Rally Bulletin Service

Before the Internet Although many younger rally competitors and fans enjoy looking back at films and photographs of rallies past, featuring such historic delights as Minis, Chevettes, Sunbeams, Corollas and Escorts, they don’t know much about the working background of the sport before mobile phones and laptop computers. Indeed, 40 […] Read more »

18 Jun: Lookback to SRC 1980

The 1980 Border Counties Rally, as published in the SRC Newsletter … Comments about the Esso Border Counties ranged from the good to the bad, and from the nice to the ugly. In fact, I’ve never heard such diverse opinions about the same event. For example, one English crew took […] Read more »

08 Jun: The Origins of Rallying

How it all came about … You may think that rallying wasn’t invented until the car came along, but you’d be wrong. Long before there were cars, there were wheels. Just ask the Romans. But even before we had the wheels, we had to get the navigation bit sorted out […] Read more »

02 Jun: Rallying’s future?

Time to Think – and to Plan Given the fact that rallying has been suspended for the foreseeable future, it gives us all to time to sit back and ponder what that future might look like. If this article can generate some GENUINE debate and practical suggestions then I might […] Read more »

02 Jun: Rallying’s future? Pg2

Time to Think – and to Plan – 2 Such cars might therefore be considered ideal for single venue events only at the present time, with short stages and shorter road sections. Or, like Coltness CC’s well received and enjoyed McRae Gravel Challenge 3 years back which had basically 4 […] Read more »

02 Jun: Rallying’s future? Pg3

Time to Think – and to Plan – 3 And so it will be again with hybrid and fully electric vehicles. If we don’t get on top of this before it starts, the technology race will kick off, costs and prices will increase and more folk will be put off […] Read more »

02 Jun: Rallying’s future? Pg4

Time to Think – and to Plan – 4 Thinking back to the Craigvinean event there was indeed one selfish, irresponsible oaf who was defying the requests of Course Car crews and refused to move from his chosen vantage point – until a few other spectators stepped in and suggested […] Read more »

23 May: Lookback to SRC 1996

Scottish Rally Championship Newsletter, October 1996 The phone at Castle Bunnet burst into life one evening. Uh, Oh, thought he. BT have connected him up again, somebody must have paid the bill. Anyway on the other end was a sort of swooshing noise. But it wasn’t an alien space ship, […] Read more »

14 May: Jaggy Meets Robbie

Punditry In Motion (from a 2005 Interview) … You just can’t keep ex-rally drivers away from rally cars. Show them a six point harness and a big bore exhaust and they can’t keep their backside out of a bucket seat. Robbie Head is one such sad case – his soul […] Read more »