07 Sep: Grampian Tales

… Grampian Tales …

I almost felt sorry for Des Campbell at the Voyonic Grampian Rally. He wasn’t competing but he drove up intending to  go spectating. Being of a kind and considerate nature he volunteered to drive Shona Hale up to the event as she was co-driving for Jim McDowall who is based in the opposite corner of the country. Having deposited his passenger at Crathes, Des sped off to the first stage to go to the Spectator area but he received a telephone call. Shona had left her helmet bag in the back of Des’s car so Des diverted to go to the Stage Start. Having parked on the roadside the poor lad then trauchled up to the Stage Start itself to leave the helmet with the Marshals. All well and good. He walked back to the car and went back to the spectator car park whereupon he parked, opened up the back door to get his raw meat sandwiches and noticed another bag. It was Shona’s HANS device. This prompted another scurry back to the start of the first stage where the lady Marshall burst out laughing as she saw the forlorn shape of Des trudging back up the forest road clutching another bag. Fortunately he was still in time to catch the number 69 seeds and the Marshals duly handed over the kit allowing Shona to carry on. As for Des, he missed all the action on Stage 1.

I used to think Allan McDowall was  a nice lad but he does appear to have a wicked streak running through him. He was stuck for a co-driver for Aberdeen until Mark Casey volunteered having successfully guided Allan through the Jim Clark and Kielder Forest rallies. On that basis you’d think he’d be a bit kinder to the lad but he and the rest of the team have christened Mark with the name ‘Hen’ after Hen Broon. Coming from Yorkshire Mark had no idea who Hen Broon was so he asked the boys where the nickname came from. All they told him was to go and Google the ‘Sunday Post’, which he did. Fortunately Mark has a good sense of humour: “I’ll take that”, he said.

Like David Bogie, Peter Stewart will miss the Carlisle Stages as he’s off to Stephen Bogie’s wedding in Brazil too. That means the Galloway Hills will be the final outing for the Peugeot 208 Rally4 and the car will be up for sale immediately after it. But dinnae worry, he’ll be back. He’s got a new Peugeot coming in time for the Snowman. Fingers crossed.

Young Johnnie Mackay seems to be getting a bit too smart for his own good these days. He’s far too clever and talented by half. The former successful Junior 1000 driver and now rapid Fiesta ST pilot (and ex-Impreza and 3 wheeled BMW driver) has gone and got himself a Mitsubishi Lancer, the ex Gordon Murray machine which he intends to debut on the Grizedale and use next season. He also recently competed on the Down Rally with the Fiesta and was then asked to run Zero Car duties on the Ulster Rally, a duty which he accomplished with aplomb by all accounts. As if that isn’t enough he sounds pretty competent on the microphone for the SRC TV coverage. Don’t you just hate smart kids? Gaun yersel Johnnie.

And finally …

Fortunately the accident which befell Willie Paterson and Tom Hynd was not too serious as far as personal injury was concerned, but there was a funny post script to the tale and folks will have to look out for a Channel 4 documentary coming soon to a screen near you. Apparently the TV company was filming in the A&E department of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for a forthcoming programme about the NHS when our rescued heroes were wheeled into the department on Saturday afternoon at a most opportune and timely juncture. Of course, the patient’s permission had to be sought before filming could begin but Willie was still a bit confused by the hustle and bustle and bright lights. So the crew turned to Tom and asked if he was family and if they could film the admittance procedure and initial medical check. Well aware of Willie’s propensity for fame and notoriety, Tom nodded in a very wise and considerate fashion and assured them it would all be OK as he retreated slowly backwards leaving the medics donning their rubber gloves and looking terribly serious for the cameras!