21 May: 40 years of quattro – 2

40 years of quattro – Part 2 Graham Rood – Route Co-ordinatorEvery rally team needs a co-ordinator to make sure cars, mechanics and service vehicles are in the right place at the right time. In the Audi UK team during the successful 1980s, that person was Graham Rood. ‘My job […] Read more »

14 May: Jaggy Meets Robbie

Punditry In Motion (from a 2005 Interview) … You just can’t keep ex-rally drivers away from rally cars. Show them a six point harness and a big bore exhaust and they can’t keep their backside out of a bucket seat. Robbie Head is one such sad case – his soul […] Read more »

03 May: The Barcelona Blagging

The Case of the Stolen Bicycle. There I was sitting with the feet up and laptop on my lap in the Diplomat Hotel foyer, trying to compose some serious motoring drivel.  After an early morning stroll down Las Ramblas in Barcelona and a Spanish outdoor breakfast of ‘café con leche’ […] Read more »

01 May: Jaggy Visits Monaco

The Tartan Tourorist If all humans have a doppelganger somewhere in the world then why not towns. Take Monaco for instance, it looks like Tobermory after it’s been hit by a supertanker carrying 40 shades of Dulux. At first glance the capital of F1 looks like a candidate for twinning […] Read more »

18 Apr: 1991, Colin McRae column

Colin McRae Column, October 1991 … What a difference a year makes. One year ago I was sitting at home with writers’ cramp, telephonists’ ear and no more ideas about who to write to or telephone seeking sponsorship for the new season. My ride for the forthcoming 1990 Lombard RAC […] Read more »

17 Apr: The 1998 Mull Rally

MULLMURMURSMULLMURMURSMULLMURMURS – Chapter 9 – published on the island, during the event by Jaggy Bunnet Once upon a time there was a young prince whose sole desire in life was to emulate the achievements of the great folk hero, Sir Boko the Dark Knight. For many years, the Dark Knight […] Read more »

13 Apr: Motorsport UK & Rallying

Worrying times … It’s not just the current national public health situation which is worrying nor is it just the cessation of our sport in our leisure time, but the longer term future. Last November Motorsport UK published its 2020 Investment Strategy (see Link 1 below), but with one third […] Read more »

11 Apr: 1983 – The Tie-Break Title

… A report from the Sprint Tyres Trossachs Rally, October 1983 … Entitled: A ‘Sprint’ Can Take  Long time … Sitting in the Ancaster Arms waiting for  results and reports to trickle in from the field, the time stretched interminably, not least for Jimmy Fleming sitting in the bar with […] Read more »

09 Apr: 1987 Galloway Hills Rally

There were some odd sights in Gatehouse of Fleet! All the residents of the Angel Hotel wore their trousers rolled up to the knee while at the other end of the High Street, in the Murray Arms Hotel, a party was in full swing and included one partial, impromptu strip […] Read more »

06 Apr: Vauxhall and the Tanks

VAUXHALL’S A22 INFANTRY ‘CHURCHILL’ TANK (Friday 3rd April 2020) “What did you do in the war Grandad?” is a question often asked by school children of their elders and just as many firms in the automotive industry are turning their attention to the current Corona Crisis so too the industry […] Read more »