15 Dec: Rallying – The Future?

Motor sport … The Future … Does it have one? … The world as we know it didn’t change the other night (12 Dec). We all got up and went to work as usual the next morning or took the weans to school (13 Dec). Even the weather didn’t offer […] Read more »

12 Dec: JCR – The Blethers

On a lighter note … Winner in 2011, David Bogie was the only previous JCR winner who contested this year’s event. At 2pm on Friday, Donnie MacDonald landed at Edinburgh Airport – and the rally in Duns started at 3pm. “I had been in Rome for the Celtic/Lazio game,” he […] Read more »

11 Dec: JCR – Class Roundup

Jim Clark Rally, 8/9 Nov. 2019 Class Roundup … With Mum Louise in London for the weekend, there was no ‘parental constraint’ on Gina Walker’s pace as she sped to victory in the 1400cc Class 1 in a borrowed Vauxhall Astra. “I’m loving it,” she said, “we were off into […] Read more »

10 Dec: Knockhill Stages report

Knockhill Stages Rally, Sun 8th Dec … Frank Bird and Jack Morton proved uncatchable at the Knockhill Stages Rally where a number of end of season Scottish crews joined the regulars from the Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship for this 3rd round of the English based series and final thrash […] Read more »

07 Dec: Jim Clark Rally Report

Jim Clark Rally, Duns, 8/9 November 2019 It may have been cold and drizzly at the finish of last month’s Jim Clark Rally, but there were smiles all round at the finish, and not just from the winners Josh Moffett and Andy Hayes. The crowds in Duns Square were smiling […] Read more »

07 Dec: JCR Fastest Stage Times

Jim Clark Rally, Duns, 8/9 November 2019   Top Six Fastest Stage Times   SS1, Abbey St Bathans 1 (7.88 miles) 1, David Bogie/Kevin Rae (Ford Escort Mk2) 7:34.0 2= Josh Moffett/Andy Hayes (Ford Fiesta R5) 7:39.1 2= Dale Robertson/Stuart Loudon (Ford Fiesta R5) 7:39.1 4, Hugh Hunter/Calvin Cooledge (Ford […] Read more »

06 Dec: Kingdom Capers

Kingdom capers at Crail, 02 Nov. Alan Wallace has been watching too many old ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ videos if his performance at the Kingdom Stages was any indication. OK, so it might not have been deliberate but it was spectacular. Running early on the road, there was a huge puddle […] Read more »

04 Dec: Knockhill Stages Entry List

Knockhill Stages, Sunday 8th December 2019 The final stage rally of the Scottish season will take place this Sunday 8th December at Knockhill. It’s also the third round of the 2019 Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship so our lot will be up against a number of marauding visitors. It’s not […] Read more »

29 Nov: RAC Rally Roundup

Jaggy’s visit to the Roger Albert Clark Rally My big pal was released from domestic care last weekend into the tender mercy of a very experienced ‘Care in the Community’ volunteer – as Chief Bear of Coltness CC is sometimes known, indeed a role to which he is well accustomed. […] Read more »

29 Nov: The future is electric?

Let’s get one thing straight, there is absolutely nothing wrong with electric cars. In fact, there is much to like. They’re comfortable quick and have fewer moving parts than what most of us currently use, which should make them more reliable, should it not? They do everything that we need […] Read more »