03 Jan: Audi Q2 S Line

… Audi Q2 S Line …

Wrestling some of these current generation giant SUVs and 4x4s around multi-storey car parks and retail outlets which have had the white lined parking limits painted on by someone who thinks in inches but measures in centimetres can be awfy frustrating at times. Annoying even. Unless you park it perfectly, the tail end is sticking out or you can’t get out either front door.

That’s the biggest down side of these land barges which are really in their element on the open road or the open moor. Even then you can experience some sharp intakes of breath as you try to squeeze between lines of traffic or explore some of the more scenic country roads. Still, urbanites buy them because they sit high, offer oodles of comfort, have loads of room inside and plenty of in-car equipment.

But they can be a pain in the butt if you live in one of these modern cramped housing estates with little off-road parking and even less on-road space. In fact some places are no-go areas, even with all-wheel drive and ground clearance to match.

Enter the compact SUV. All the comforts of home with few compromises but which open up a whole new world. Those who wish to down-size from the larger monsters won’t feel short-changed with Audi’s latest Q2. This is a cracking wee motor with all the capabilities of its bigger brethren but is just as beautifully furnished inside while offering adequate room for four and has rather more charm than brute presence on the road.

It might be smaller, but this Q2 S Line was easy to find even in a busy car park. It was well named ‘Vegas Yellow’. You could almost see the glow reflected in the ceilings of the Buchanan Galleries car park in Glasgow when you exited the lift.

The interior was typically Audi, black with splashes of chrome but beautifully styled and finished, right down to the soft nappa leather heated seats with grey rock stitching.

The head-up display was connected to the SatNav and in the snowy wet murk of a cold January day looking for a wee church tucked away in a back corner of Crossgates in Fife it proved ideal for spotting a series of narrow, sharp turns to find it. And that’s just the start, naturally the car comes with all the modern smartphone connectivity you need and more. Plug in to the USB and all the ‘apps’ come up on the MMI screen, from where you can access them either by the MMI control knob on the centre console, the multi-function steering wheel, Audi’s own voice control system or your smartphone’s own voice assistant. There was so much going on, I just gave up, but it kept my daughter amused for ages discovering all the aids and accessories.

Assurance in the wintry conditions was provided by the well-proven quattro four wheel drivetrain which was connected to the 2 litre diesel engine by a 7 speed auto’box. And if I had one niggle about the car, it was the gearbox’s hesitancy at times when I was wanting another gear – and it wanted to think about it!

The test car also had the adaptive air suspension which coupled with the superb seating offered a really smooth ride, not matter the state of the roads.

Honestly, for someone contemplating down-sizing, this is the perfect answer. I really liked it, but if I was choosing one for myself I would be looking through the colour swatches for something other than Vegas Yellow!

  • Review Date: January 3, 2018
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