05 Sep: Galloway Hills – Entry List

… Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally, 10 Sept 2022 …

Rd7 (of 8) 2022 KNC Groundworks Scottish Rally Championship …

The outcome of the 2022 KNC Groundworks Scottish Rally Championship could be decided on this weekend’s Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally. David Bogie must start as favourite but a maximum point score will be needed to put it beyond doubt. If he doesn’t get maximum points then Michael Binnie has to win in order to keep his title hopes alive. That’s because David will miss the final round at Carlisle next month as his brother Stephen is getting married – in Brazil. And it’s already been put off twice because of David’s rallying commitments. One more change could risk divorce even before Stephen and Fernanda tie the knot! Gaun yersels you twa.

There is another uncertainty to throw into the mix. Jock Armstrong and David Henderson could deny top points while the fast improving Hugh Brunton and John Wink could also upset the apple cart. And wouldn’t it be nice if local boy Mark McCulloch was in with a shout of victory?

Similarly Claire Mole is hot favourite for the Co-Driver’s title but another couple of maximum point scores for Chris Lees, Drew Sturrock or Cammy Fair will toss their bunnets into the ring. And then of course, there are all the capacity classes and special awards to be decided. Looks like a fraught weekend for the points counters lies ahead.

Unfortunately, although the entry list sparkles with talent, they are few in number, to the extent that the Solway Car Club organising team, with support from Machars CC and EACC, had to modify their proposed route. Instead of three stages run twice, it will be two stages run thrice. It was either that or cancel the affair, but look on the bright side, spectators can just stay in the one place and the cars will come to them.

Spectator details will be published here as soon as finalised:

Entry List:
 No / Driver / Co-Driver /  Town / Town  / Make / Model / Class 
1, David Bogie/John Rowan (Dumfries/Portglenone) Ford Fiesta Rally2, 10 
2, Jock Armstrong/Cameron Fair (Clarebrand/Tobermory) Subaru Impreza, 9 
3, Michael Binnie/Claire Mole (Cornhill on Tweed/Duns) Mitsubishi Evo9, 9 
4, David Henderson/Chris Lees (Oakenshaw/Glasgow) Ford Fiesta Rally2, 10 
5, Hugh Brunton/Drew Sturrock (Arbroath/Brechin) Ford Fiesta R5, 10 
6, John Wink/Neil Shanks (Huntly/Elgin) Hyundai i20 R5, 10 
7, Mark McCulloch/Michael Hendry (Dumfries/Aberlour) Proton Satria Evo, 9 
8, Joe Hegarty/David Turkington (Draperstown/Magherafelt) Ford Fiesta R5, 10 
9, Angus Lawrie/Paul Gribben (Castle Douglas/Annan) Mitsubishi Evo9, 9 
10, Scott Beattie/Peredur Davies (Alford/Pwllheli) Mitsubishi Evo7, 9 
11, Willie Paterson/Tom Hynd (Strathaven/Inverbervie) Mitsubishi Evo9, 9 
12, Andy Scott/Patrick Walsh (Lochfoot/Aberystwyth) Ford Fiesta S2000T, 9 
14, Ian Baumgart/Michael Cruickshank (Hawick/Crieff) Subaru Impreza, 8 
15, Barry Groundwater/Laura Connell (Stonehaven/Ayr) Subaru Impreza S11 WRC, 10 
16, John Rintoul/Ross Hynd (Lower Largo/Prestwick) Ford Fiesta R5, 10 
17, Robert Adamson/Will Atkins (Kilmarnock/Whitchurch) Ford Fiesta Rally2, 10 
18, Ross Macdonald/Matthew Johnstone (Conon Bridge/Aberdeen) Mitsubishi Evo9, 8 
19, Peter Stewart/Harry Marchbank (Dumfries/Dumfries) Peugeot 208 Rally4, 3 
20, Stuart Egglestone/Brian Hodgson (Penrith/Penrith) Ford Escort Mk2, 11 
21, Brendan Cumiskey/Martin Connolly (Monaghan/Monaghan) Ford Fiesta Rally4, 3 
22, Steve Bannister/Callum Atkinson (Malton/Lauder) Ford Escort Mk2, 12 
23, John Crawford/Josh Davison (Lanark/Melrose) Ford Escort Mk2, 5 
24, Craig McMiken/Charlotte McDowall (Newton Stewart/Newton Stewart) Ford Fiesta Rally2, 10 
25, Stuart Irvine/Marc Irvine (Erskine/Bishopton) Hyundai Accent WRC, 10 
26, Paul Thompson/Hannah McKillop (Driffield/Melrose) Ford Escort Mk2, 5 
27, Chris McGurk/Mark McGeehan (Portglenone/Draperstown) Ford Fiesta R5, 10 
28, Brian Watson/Sean Donnelly (Kinneff/Elgin) Subaru Impreza, 8 
29, Paul Mcerlean/Niall Mckenna (Bellaghy/Moneymore) Ford Escort Mk2, 6 
30, Keith Riddick/Mairi Riddick (Haugh of Urr/Dumfries) MG ZR, 3 
31, Paddy Munro/Dave O'Brien (Kyle/Duns) Ford Escort Mk2, 5 
32, David Hardie/John McCulloch (Kirkgunzeon/Dumfries) Ford Escort Mk2, 5 
33, Mike Moates/Gary McDonald (Udny Green/Aberdeen) Subaru Impreza, 7 
34, Orrin McDonnell/Eoghan Anderson (Staffin/Methven) Subaru Impreza, 8 
35, Robert Proudlock/Steven Brown (Dumfries/Fort William) Vauxhall Adam, 3 
36, Niall Cowan Jr/Callum Shanks (Auldgirth/Dumfries) MG ZR, 3 
37, Justin Gunning/Steven Clark (Lanark/Conway) Ford Fiesta R2, 3 
38, Scott Peacock/Craig Wallace (Castle Douglas/Westmuir) Mitsubishi Evo8, 8 
39, Robin Shuttleworth/Malcolm Smithson (Skipton/Skipton) Ford Escort Mexico, 11 
40, Andy Magee/Michael Johnston (Glenarm/Ballymena) Ford Escort Mk2, 4 
41, Nick Kitching/Andrew Trollope (Thirsk/Thirsk) Ford Escort Mk2, 12 
42, William Pollock/John Marshall (Cumnock/Torrance) Ford Escort Mk2, 6 
43, Richard Spink/Nigel Hutchinson (Easingwold/Helperby) Ford Escort Mk2, 12 
44, Graeme Sherry/Ewan Lees (Gartcosh/Glasgow) Opel Manta 400, 5 
45, Aileen Forrest/John Forrest (Inverurie/Inverurie) Mitsubishi Evo8, 9 
46, Jim Robertson/Mike Curry (Thornhill/Thornhill) Ford Escort Mk2, 12 
47, Richard Stewart/Colin Maxwell (Dumfries/Dumfries) Peugeot 208 Rally4, 3 
48, Tom Coughtrie/Ian Fraser (Ayr/Aros Isle of Mull) Ford Fiesta Rally2, 10 
49, Cameron Black/Duncan Daun (Inverurie/Rothienorman) Mazda 323 Turbo 4x4, 7 
50, Liam Richardson/Darren Kennedy (Inverness/Inverness) Subaru Impreza, 7 
51, Donald Brooker/Tony Booth (Ballater/Inverbervie) Subaru Legacy RS, 12 
52, Rhuaridh Campbell/Shaina Archibald (Glenmoriston/Invermoriston) Chrysler Sunbeam, 5 
53, Duncan Ferguson/Alex Murphy (Dalmellington/Patna) Ford Escort Mk2, 12 
54, David Mcleod/Eamonn Boyle (Mauchline/Kilmarnock) Chrysler Sunbeam, 11 
55, Donald Murray/Morgan Redpath (Inverness/Inverness) Subaru Impreza, 7 
56, Douglas Menzies/Graeme Menzies (Longniddry/Musselburgh) Ford Escort Mk2, 11 
57, Alistair Brearley/Gerry Bryden (Galashiels/Sorn) Ford Escort Mk2, 5 
58, Jimmy Mills/Ashley Trimble (Ballynure/Banbridge) Ford Escort Mk2, 12 
59, Chris Rankin/Alex Knight (Banbury/Towcester) BMW 318ti Compact, 5 
60, Aaron Cunningham/Paul McGahon (Maghera/Maghera) Ford Escort Mk2, 5 
61, Martyn Erskine/Kieran Hyslop (Stranraer/Stranraer) Peugeot 206 Cup, 2 
62, Lewis Haining/Ian Parker (Dumfries/Lochgilphead) Vauxhall Corsa, 1 
63, Ashleigh Morris/Martin Haggett (Dollar/Rugby) Ford Fiesta R200, 3 
64, Niall Cowan/Helen Brown (Dumfries/Dumfries) MG 3, 1 
65, Ron Horne/Alan Edwards (Nairn/Sanquhar) Subaru Impreza, 9 
66, Meghan O'Kane/John O'Kane (Kyle/Kyle) Ford Fiesta, 3  
1 – Two Wheel Drive cars: up to 1450cc.
2 – Two Wheel Drive cars: from 1451cc to 1650cc, without individual throttle bodies, conforming to 2022 Scottish Rally Championship ‘Clubman Class C2’. (Regulations available via www.scottishrallychampionship.co.uk)
3 – Two Wheel Drive cars: from 1451cc to 1650cc, not classified in Class 2. To include: any FIA homologated Rally5/Rally4/R2 car (naturally aspirated or Turbo) and any Forced Induction car up to 1000cc.
4 – Rear Wheel Drive cars: from 1651cc to 2050cc, with 8 valves or less. Front Wheel Drive cars: from 1651cc to 2050cc. To include: any FIA homologated R3 car (naturally aspirated or Turbo) and any Forced Induction 1001-1600cc.
5 – Rear Wheel Drive cars: 1651cc to 2050cc, more than 8 valves.
6 – Two Wheel Drive cars: all others over 2051cc.
7 – Four Wheel Drive cars: conforming to 2022 Scottish Rally Championship ‘Clubman Class C5’. (Regulations available via www.scottishrallychampionship.co.uk)
8 – Four Wheel Drive cars: any not classified in Class 7, 9 or 10, without a sequential gearbox, including previously homologated GpN Four Wheel Drive cars.
9 – Four Wheel Drive cars: FIA Homologated GpA/Super 2000/R4 cars, and any cars previously homologated as such, providing these run as per their FIA homologation papers. All Metro 6R4’s and any derivative therefrom. Any other Four Wheel Drive car not classified in class 8, with a sequential gearbox.
10 – Four Wheel Drive cars: FIA Homologated Rally1/WRC cars, and cars previously homologated as such and FIA homologated Rally2/R5 cars. Any derivative thereof including RHD conversions.
11 – Historic Cars: Category 1 & 2 cars; Category 3 cars with single cam engines; Category 4 cars up to 1600cc.
12 – Historic Cars: Category 3 cars with multicam engines; Category 4 cars over 1601cc in compliance with R49.1.5.