18 Feb: Knockhill Stages Entry List

Grant Construction Knockhill Stages, Sunday 20th Feb 2022

The 2022 Burnside Piling Scottish Tarmack Rally Championship gets underway this Sunday the 20th February at Knockhill with the Grant Construction Knockhill Stages Rally. Ahead lie 10 stages totalling some 40 miles with the first car away at 08:31 Hrs.

Heading the entry list is the 2019 Grant Construction Stages winner John Marshall with Craig Wallace in the Ford Fiesta Rally2 followed by the 2021 Scottish Tarmack Champion Alistair Inglis similarly mounted with brother Colin in the shouty seat. Donnie MacDonald will debut his new Fiesta Rally2 now that the Lancer has been sold and he runs at three with Andrew Falconer. And if he makes it back from Snetterton on Saturday night, rallycrosser Andy Scott will run at number 4 in his fearsome Fiesta S2000T with Laura Connell on the circuit maps.

Top 2WD seed is Kyle Adam with Steven Brown in the 2.5 Escort Mk2 ahead of Scott McCombie and Murray Strachan in the Lancer and the irrepressible Ross Hunter and Martin Woodstock in the shit or bust Peugeot 205. That’s quite a top seven and then we come to the next two, the top 1600ccc seeds, Des Campbell/Craig Forsyth in the Peugeot 206 versus the Vauxhall Corsa of Steven Hay/Cameron Dunn. Forget the front runners, this pair will be worth the watch on their own – like twa ‘nits’ fighting over a baldy man’s single hair.

Rounding off the top ten will be English visitors Darren James Nugent and Liam Whiteley in their Mk2 if they make it up the M6 ok after this week’s storms.

There isn’t a huge entry with just 44 cars and crews, but the quality is there for a good day’s competition and entertainment. And this being Knockhill, spectators are not just allowed but welcomed, so for your first taste of live action this year, you know where to be. There are various age related ticket prices, and even the auld gits can get a concession ticket!

Details and prices here:


  No , Driver , Navigator , Make , Model , CC , Class 
 Entry List
1, John Marshall/Craig Wallace (Ford Fiesta Rally2) 1600, Class 5 
2, Alistair Inglis/Colin Inglis (Ford Fiesta Rally2) 1600, Class 5 
3, Donnie MacDonald/Andrew Falconer (Ford Fiesta Rally2) 1596, Class 5 
4, Andy Scott/Laura Connell (Ford Fiesta S2000 Turbo) 2000, Class 5 
5, Kyle Adam/Steven Brown (Ford Escort Mk2) 2500, Class 4 
6, Scott McCombie/Murray Strachan (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo6) 2000, Class 5 
7, Ross Hunter/Martin Woodcock (Peugeot 205) 1997, Class 3 
8, Des Campbell/Craig Forsyth (Peugeot 206) 1600, Class 2 
9, Steven Hay/Cameron Dunn  (Vauxhall Corsa) 1598, Class 2 
10, Darren James Nugent/Liam Whiteley  (Ford Escort Mk2) 2400, Class 4 
11, Gareth Dalgliesh/Kenneth Dalgliesh  (Subaru Impreza) 2000, Class 5 
12, Ian Archer/Michael Moates (Ford Escort Mk 2) 2500, Class 4 
14, Graeme Rintoul/Jim Rintoul (Ford Fiesta ST) 2000, Class 3 
15, Andy Chalmers/Martin MacCabe (Subaru Impreza) 1994, Class 5 
16, Billy Cowe/Kirsty Campbelton (Subaru Impreza) 1944, Class 3 
17, David McIntyre/Andy Brown (Citroen C2R2) 1598, Class 2 
18, Adam Hanner/Wayne Wood (Ford Puma) 1598, Class 2 
19, Graham Bruce/David Aitken  (Ford Escort) 1998, Class 3 
20, Stephen Hunter/Tom Hynd (Honda Civic) 1998, Class 3 
21, Andrew Blackwood/Richard Stewart (Ford Fiesta) 1400, Class1 
22, Mike Robertson/Gary McDonald (Vauxhall Nova) 1300, Class1 
23, Graeme Sherry/Ewan Lees (Opel Manta) 1998, Class 3 
24, Steven Crockett/Kenny Anderson (Peugeot 205 SC1400) 1388, Class1 
25, Bobby MacDonald/Eoghan Anderson (Subaru Impreza) 1999, Class 5 
26, Alister Watson/Ian Murray (Ford Escort Mk2) 1998, Class1 
27, Colin Irving/Emma Muir (Talbot Sunbeam) 1998, Class 3 
28, Nigel Harkness/Helen Harkness (Vauxhall Corsa) 1598, Class 2 
29, Alistair Brearley Jnr/Keith Atkinson (Suzuki Swift Sport) 1586, Class 2 
30, Christopher Smith/Stuart McBride (Vauxhall Corsa) 1400, Class1 
31, Drew Barker/Shona Hale (Vauxhall Astra) 1800, Class 3 
32, Joe Pringle/Thomas Purvin (Vauxhall/Corsa) 1598, Class 2 
33, James Wilson/Ian Wilson (MG ZR) 1400, Class1 
34, Sarah Dunn/Hannah McKillop (Peugeot 205) 1600, Class 2 
35, Kenneth Blair/Steven Szumlakowski (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo7) 1997, Class 5 
36, Claire Kilmurray/Duncan Smith (Suzuki Swift GTi) 1316, Class1 
37, Gordon Milne/Paul Watson (VW Polonda) 1598, Class 2 
38, Cameron Davidson/Ian McRae (Peugeot 205) 1900, Class 3 
39, Steven Kilmurray/Eamonn Kilmurray (Citroen C2 GT) 1360, Class1 
40, Cameron Williamson/Roscoe West (Subaru Impreza) 2000, Class 5 
42, James Lyon/Steve Bell (Ford Escort Mk2) 2000, Class 3 
43, Steven Street/Robert Wood (Ford Escort Mk2) 1993, Classs 3 
44, Colin Blake/Pauline Blake (BMW Mini) 1599, Class 2 
45, Justin Gunning/Johnnie Mackay (Ford Fiesta) 1600, Class 2