08 Jul: Argyll Rally, Classes 1 – 6

 … Dunoon Presents Argyll Rally …

Class 1, 2WD up to 1450cc

Innes and Kirsty Mochrie did the business in Class 1 in a Rover Metro Gti that was never designed to tackle those roads at the those speeds. It was quite a ‘bouncy’ ride by all accounts and the Metro survived a severe compression on the Loch Fyne test when it landed and bounced all over the place with Innes grinning: “It was fine, I kept the boot in.” Mark Simpson and Julian Floyd were 2nd in a Nissan Micra ahead of Martin Melling and Lewis Griffiths in an original Austin Mini with Martin emphasising Innes’s opinion: “The Mini was ok on these roads, they always bounce and twitch.” Rather him than me although the biggest surprise was just how easily the 6ft 1inch driver complete with helmet was able to get in and out the bluidy thing, never mind drive it!

Class 3, 2WD, 1451cc to 1650cc

Two seconds separated 1st and 2nd in Class 2 with the best fight of the day being decided in Keith and Mairi Riddick’s favour over Ross Wasson and Liam McMullan. After Friday night’s run the irrepressible Keith said: “That was horrible, the car’s not handling right, but we’re lowering it and adjusting the tracking for tomorrow.” Whatever he did transformed the MG ZR and he set about Wasson on the Saturday morning who was some 25 seconds in front with the class lead with Des Campbell and Craig Forsyth second. Keith closed on and passed Des’s Peugeot 206 before setting about Ross in the Honda Civic. Even more remarkable was the fact that this was only Ross’s second ever rally with co-driver Liam’s first time on Notes! Kev Dunn and Josh Davidson were 4th in a ‘borrowed’ Nova which was: “Snatchy, every corner is a moment,” said Kev, “I think it’s got a gravel diff and it’s jumping out of 3rd gear.” In 5th place and just a tad lucky were Fraser Smith and Jamie MacTavish in a Honda Civic: “We burst the exhaust but on the last stage we needed a push start when a starter motor wire broke.” Niall Cowan and Callum Shanks completed the top six in their MG ZR while Ashleigh Morris and Phil Kenny were both relieved and well chuffed for Ashleigh to finish her first ever closed road rally while Chris Haw and Russell Smith were equally pleased to see the finish. That’s because he actually bought the 205 for his son Alistair who just happened to be covidly stuck in Milan, so Chris drove it himself – and didn’t put a mark on it.

Class 4, 2WD, 1651cc to 2050cc, 8v

Anthony and Damian McCann were the only finishers in this class with their Mk2 when ‘Duncan’ Munro and Craig Wallace blew their Pinto engine on the 3rd stage – and this was Paddy’s first time on tar.

Class 5, Historic

Will Rowlands and Richard Birch won the class  in their Escort Mk2 from the Escort Mexico  of Robin Shuttleworth and Chris Slater. Hugo and Arthur MacMillan were 3rd in their Mk1 Escort  just ahead of a very rusty George Bryson and Jacqueline Bryson in a newly completed, awfy smart, home built Mk1. Ernie and Patricia Lee failed to finish when the BMW’s engine let go on its way to the first stage.

Class 6, FWD, 1651cc to 2050cc, 16v

Former Junior1000 Champion Ewan Tindall, with Andrew Roughhead, impressed with Class 6 victory in his Fiesta R2T after Josh Evans retired his Clio with no drive. Nathan Evans and Rhys Edwards were 2nd in another Renault Clio despite a double puncture in SS5. Jonathan MacDonald and Chris Wareham were 3rd in their Peugeot 306 with Dan Robinson and Mark Pickering completing the finishers in their Ford Fiesta ST.

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