03 May: Speyside Classes 5-8

… Final Class Results …
Class position / Start No. / Dvr / CoDvr / Home Towns / Car / Time

Class 5 – Historic Rally Cars
DNF, 81, Ian Milne/Sandy Milne (Ford Escort Mk2)
– On course for a class win and ended up in a ditch on the final stage!
DNF, 89, David Cameron/Douglas Cameron (Ford Escort Mk2)
– Retired at second service with a mechanical problem.
DNF, 96, Ernie Lee/Dean Ross (BMW 325i)
– Retired with burst oil pipe.

Class 6 – Fwd Cars Up To 2050cc With 16 Valves
1, 40, Alasdair Currie/Grant MacNiven (Ford Fiesta ST) 46:01
– 1st FWD, 1st Junior, 29th o/a and the class win as well. “We’ve had a bit of a rattle since the second last stage,” said Ally, “so we’ll need to find out what’s causing that.”
2, 66, Grant MacRae/Martin Bruce (Ford Fiesta ST) 47:27
– “That’s my first finish since the Borders last year, so I’m absolutely delighted, but I’m still learning the car. I got it before the Snowman last year,” said Grant.
3, 76 Scott Burness/Andrew Forbes (Ford Fiesta ST) 49:43
– “The radiator burst at the start of the second last stage,” said Scott, “so we bunged a can of Radweld in and did the last stage OK.”
DNF, 47, Alex Pirie/Frazer Skene (Skoda Felicia)
– The car conked out after SS3: “There’s no spark, we don’t know what’s gone wrong,” said Alex.
DNF, 72, Martin Crombie/Daniel Christie (Peugeot 306)
– Cowped in SS9. Crew OK, but something broken in the car.
DNF, 93, Graeme Harris/Alan Harris (Ford Fiesta XR2i)
– hit a boulder in the last stage, hard enough to punch a hole in the floor.

Class 7 – Rwd Cars Up To 2050cc With 16 Valves
1, 27, Duncan MacDonald/Neil Ross (Ford Escort Mk2) 43:38
– “We had a rear puncture which ripped the brake line off in SS7,” said Duncan, “but we were still on it with 3 wheels and 2 brakes!”
2, 33, Paul McErlean/Niall McKenna (Ford Escort Mk2) 44:49
– It’s such a pleasure talking to Northern Ireland’s Paula and Niall, there’s never a moan or a grump, they just enjoy the ‘craic’ and the Scottish stages: “I’m just not going fast enough,” said Paul, “they’re good stages and it was worth the trip.”
3, 41, Willie Stuart/Peter Carstairs (Ford Escort Mk2) 45:45
– This was Willie’s first run in the car since the sequential g/box was fitted: “Half the time I don’t know what gear I’m in,” said Willie, “but I’ll get the hang of it before the day is out.”
4, 56, Steven Wood/Mary Wood (Ford Fiesta) 46:31
– On the second run at Cooper Park they clipped a kerb, broke a wheel and punctured a tyre but fortunately that wasn’t too costly on a such a short test.
5, 85, Ali MacLeod/Johnny Urquhart (Ford Escort G3) 50:34
DNF, 49, Liam Wood/Lewis MacDougall (Ford Escort Mk2)
– Gearbox failed in Gartly Moor 1
DNF, 84, John Brownie/Gordon Ritchie (Opel Kadett C)
– Engine failure
DNF, 92, Rhuaridh Campbell/Shaina Archibald (Chrysler Sunbeam)
– Mechanical failure in Tauchers Wood

Class 8 – 2wd Cars Over 2051cc With 16 Valves
1, 19, Greg McKnight/Harry Marchbank (Ford Escort Mk2) 42:52
– “It’s very marbly offline and I struggled for traction, but it’s great fun,” smiled Greg, then added more seriously, “we stopped at Garry Pearson’s accident while Simon (Hay) drove ahead to the next radio point to report it. Not nice.”
2, 42, Gordon Murray/David O’Brien (Ford Escort Mk2) 46:10
– “OK” no problems reported.
3, 75, Charles Stewart/David Law (BMW 318ti Compact) 46:23
– Having installed a 2.8 in place of the old 1.8 litre unit, Charles reported: “A few niggly issues, and it’s overheating. We’ve also bent the sumpguard – we’ve got too much poke at the moment!”

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