12 Apr: Memorial Garden Stage Rally

… Memorial Garden Stages Rally, Sat 15 April …

The Memorial Garden Stages Rally will take place this coming Saturday the 15th April at RM Condor, Arbroath. Unfortunately this is a NON-SPECTATOR event times due to the fact that the Condor base is an active military establishment – so dinnae try tae get in!

However, a certain journalist has been invited to observe so expect a report next week. There will be a short report in next Wednesday’s ‘Motorsport News’ (19th April) followed by a longer and more detailed report in these pages.

This is a new venue (first used last year) and if things go well, who knows, the commander may just allow a few well behaved speccies next year. There will be 6 stages totalling approximately 51 miles and the first car gets underway at 09.20 Hrs.

Not a big entry but it promises a bit of a fight for the top spot. Greg McKnight and Ian Paterson should give Nigel Feeney a hard time and Ian Forgan will be out in the Subaru which is a wee bit quicker than his Ford Ka. Gordon Morrison was running well at Ingliston the other week till trouble intervened and he too might just give the top seeds a run for their money. John Rintoul has entered the Mitsubishi after the Fiesta suffered a few hiccups at Ingliston and who knows, if Keith Robathan gets a clean run, would you bet against a quick Mk2 in his hands?

And then of course there are the Juniors. Some of these young lads are getting a bit handy and the competition was fierce at Ingliston. Will Retson get his revenge on Tindall this weekend?

Entry List:
1, Nigel Feeney/Sean Donnelly (Mitsubishi Evo X) 1998cc, Class 4
2, Greg McKnight/David Crosbie (Mitsubishi Evo 9) 1998, 4
4, Ian Paterson/Heather Grisedale (Subaru Impreza B1) 1995, 4
5, Ian Forgan/Christopher Lees (Subaru Impreza) 1999, 4
6, Gordon Morrison/Derek Keir (Subaru N11) 2000, 4
7, John Rintoul/Tom Hynd (Mitsubishi Evo X) 2000, 4
8, Keith Robathan/Peter Carstairs (Ford Escort) 2499, R
9, Brian Watson/Caroline Will (Mitsubishi EVO) 2000, 4
10, James Gibb/Taylor Gibb (Ford Escort Mk2) 1998, R
11, Scott MacBeth/Keir Beaton (Citroen C2 R2 Max) 1589, F
12, Ross Cree/Billy Gower (Ford Escort) 1999, R
13, Alan Cowan/Katie Stimpson (Vauxhall Astra) 1998, F
14, Graeme Rintoul/Jim Rintoul (Ford Fiesta) 1999, F
15, Kevin Burns/David Findlay (Subaru Impress) 2000, 4
16, Richard Barnard/Paul Gribben (BMW Compact) 3000, R
17, Kevin Stout/Cameron Stout (Prodrive Impreza) 2000, 4
18, Graeme Sherry/TBA (Citroen C2) 1, F
19, Iain Miller/Gary McDonald (BMW M3 Coupe) 2990, R
20, Ron Walker/Dean Ross (Ford KA) 1600, F
21, Martin Robert Farquhar/Shannon Turnbull (Peugeot 106) 1300, F
22, Paul Orchiston/James Clark (Audi TT) 1800, 4
23, James Strachen/Allan Watt (Citroen Saxo) 1589, F

Junior Entry List:
1, Finlay Retson/Andrew Falconer (Nissan Micra) 995cc, J1
2, Ewan Tindall/Paul Hudson (Citroen C1) 998, J1
3, Jude MacDonald/Steven Brown (Skoda Citigo) 999, J1
4, Lewis Haining/George Myatt (Toyota Aygo) 1000, J1
5, Johnnie Mackay/Gordon Reid (Suzuki Alto) 996, J1
6, Andrew Blackwood, Gordon Winning, Citroen, C1, 1000, J1
7, Peter Beaton/Tom Hynd (Citroën C1) 998, J1
8, Amy McCubbin/Brian McClleland (Nissan Micra) 998, J1
9, Alice Paterson/Ian Crosbie (Peugeot 107) 998, J1