04 Oct: Mull Preview and Entry List

… Mullticipation …

Could this be the closest Mull Rally since the 2008 event when Paul MacKinnon clinched victory from Calum Duffy by just 9 seconds? The top five seeds this year are all in Subaru Imprezas which should even things up a wee bit. Now I know that each of those cars is a different spec, but they’ve all got turbos and four wheel drive. What will make the biggest difference will be sitting in the driving seat.

Last year’s top three crews, from left to right: Clive Molyneux and John Cope, Iain and Calum Duffy, Tristan Pye and Andrew Falconer.

Last year’s top three crews, from left to right: Clive Molyneux and John Cope, Iain and Calum Duffy, Tristan Pye and Andrew Falconer.

Heading the entry list is 8 times winner Calum Duffy and this year Calum has switched allegiance from his Ford Escort Mk2 to a Subaru Impreza. Seven of those victories came at the wheel of a Ford Escort earning him the nickname of ‘Calum the Comet’, but in the year 2000 he won the rally in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo6 so he’s no stranger to all wheel drive.

Aiming to take the fight to Duffy is seasoned Subaru Impreza campaigner Tristan Pye. The Bishop Auckland driver finished runner-up last year and with Duffy in a new car, that might just give the Englishman the edge. John Cope finished third last year and is back for more in another Impreza. The Lancashire driver has twice finished runner-up on this event and finished third a total of five times, but the top spot has eluded him – till now?

And there’s more, John MacCrone the 2013 winner has done a last minute deal to run a TEGSport Impreza, and although he’s never driven one before, he had did have that experience of the Ford Fiesta in 2013. It was basically an S2000 car with a different engine, but no turbo, so his experience of all wheel drive is very limited

Putting the top seeds under pressure will be 2005 winner James MacGillivray, who was leading last year until he had an ‘off-road indiscretion’, and twice winner (in 2008 and 2011) Paul MacKinnon who will be campaigning a Mk2 while Ireland’s Derek McGeehan will be hoping for better luck this year in his MINI WRC following his first visit to the island last year. He was holding a sensational fourth place on his debut until mechanical problems intervened.

And then of course there is Daniel Harper in the MINI who can never be discounted from threatening the top seeds while Tony Bardy has retired his venerable Nissan Sunny GTI-R and replaced it with a Ford Focus. Now that should make a difference.

Add in the likes of Billy Bird, Richard Cook, Jonathan Mounsey, Nigel Worswick, Gary Adam, Shaun Sinclair, and if he just stops talking and gets on with his driving, John Cressey could spring a surprise.

One more tip for the top? How about Jim McRae and Ian Grindrod in a 4 litre Vauxhall Firenza V8. It might not be the quickest car in the entry list but the sound will curl your toes and make your ears tingle.

This is the clubman’s rally where legends are born, nightmares are made and lifelong memories are forged in the heat of high speed competition. Almost contrary to that view, it’s also one of the most friendly motor sports competitions – in the world.

Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally 2015
Rally Timetable:
Friday, 9th October:
19.01 Hrs – Rally Start, Tobermory
19.09 Hrs – SS1, Mishnish Lochs 1
19.26 Hrs – SS2, Hill Road/Loch Tuath
22.14 Hrs – SS3, Loch Kinloch 1
22.29 Hrs – SS4, Knock 1
23.13 Hrs – SS5, Calgary Bay/Glen Aros

Saturday 10th October:
11.00 Hrs – Re-Start, Craignure
12.08 Hrs – SS6, Ardtun
12.47 Hrs – SS7, Loch Kinloch 2
13.03 Hrs – SS8, Knock 2
14.12 Hrs – SS9, Mishnish Lochs 2
14.28 Hrs – SS10, Penmore 1
14.42 Hrs – SS11, Ensay/Hill Road 1
16.02 Hrs – SS12, Mishnish Lochs 3
16.18 Hrs – SS13, Penmore 2
16.32 Hrs – SS14, Ensay/Hill Road 2

21.15 Hrs – Re-Start, Salen
21.53 Hrs – SS15, Calgray Bay/Loch Tuath
22.23 Hrs – SS16, Gribun Rocks
22.42 Hrs – SS17, Scridain

Sunday 11th October:
00.54 Hrs – SS18, Glen Aros/Achnadrish
15.00 Hrs – Prizegiving

Top Seeds: ( Number, Driver/Co-Driver Home Towns, Make, Model, Class )
1, Calum Duffy/Iain Duffy (Dervaig/Dervaig) Subaru Impreza 555, D
2, John MacCrone/Andrew Mort (Dervaig/Dervaig) Subaru Impreza, D
3, Tristan Pye/Andrew Falconer (Bishop Auckland/Inverness) Subaru Impreza, D
4, John Cope/Clive Molyneux (Bury/Blackburn) Subaru Impreza, D
5, James MacGillivray/Ian Fraser (Salen/Salen) Subaru Impreza, D
6, Paul MacKinnon/Ewan MacGillivray (Tobermory/Barcaldine) Ford Escort MK2, D
7, Daniel Harper/Chris Campbell (Barley/Barrowford) BMW Mini Cooper S, D
8, Tony Bardy/Neil Colman (Richmond/Stockton on Tees) Ford Focus, D
9, Billy Bird/Plug Pulleyn (York/York) Vauxhall Chevette, D
10, Derek McGeehan/Arthur Kierans (Draperstown/Monaghan) Mini WRC, D
11, Richard Cook/Edwin Cook (Lamplugh/Lamplugh) Subaru Impreza, D
12, Jonathan Mounsey/Richard Wardle (Settle/Pickering) Mitsubishi Evo 6, D
14, Nigel Worswick/Allan Whittaker (Blackburn/Bolton) Ford Escort WRC, D
15, Gary Adam/Gordon Adam (Dollar/Tillicoultry) Ford Escort Mk2, D
16, Shaun Sinclair/Chris Hamill (Connel/Oban) Subaru S9 WRC, D
17, John Cressey/Martin Cressey (Long Preston/Long Preston) BMW Mini Cooper S, D
18, Lewis Gallager/Sam Bould (Tobermory/Chorley) Subaru Impreza, D
19, Jim McRae/Ian Grindrod (Lanark/Blackburn) Vauxhall Firenza V8, H4
20, Alan Gardiner/Robin Nicolson (Biggar/Largs) Ford Escort Mk1, D
21, Doug Weir/Linda Brown (Ellon/Ellon) Ford Escort Mk2, C
22, Fergus Barlow/Alasdair MacCrone (Isle of Mull/Isle of Mull) Ford Fiesta R2, B
23, Tim Stell/Mike Yates (Denby Dale/Mirfield) Mitsubishi Evo 7, D
24, Curly Haigh/Sally Peacock (York/York) Ford Escort, C
25, Ian Chadwick/Johnnie Bould (Cork/Glasgow) Honda Civic, C
26, Ross Hunter/Josh Davison (St. Boswells/Longframlington) Peugeot 205, C
27, Pete Gibson/Chris Dodds (Consett/Consett) Mitsubishi Evo 6, D
28, Alistair Inglis/Colin Inglis (Montrose/Edzell) Lotus Exige, D
29, Donnie MacDonald/Ashleigh Will (Inverness/Inverurie) Mitsubishi Evo 9, D
30, Steven Ronaldson/Gordon Chalmers (Inverness/Inverness) Metro 6R4, D
31, Barry Renwick/Steve Dargan (Consett/Whitley Bay) Proton Millington, D
33, Reay MacKay/Keir Beaton (Fort Augustus/Inverness) Ford Escort Mk2, D
34, John Rintoul/Ross Hynd (Lower Largo/Inverbervie) Hyundai Accent WRC, D
35, Grum Willcock/Donna Harper (Easingwold/York) Opel Manta, C
36, John Morrison/Peter Carstairs (Conon Bridge/St Andrews) Mitsubishi Evo 9, D
37, Billy McLelland/John Wood (New Cumnock/Salen) Opel Kadet 400, D
38, Simon Proud/Fiona Boa (Dervaig/Dervaig) Subaru Impreza, D
39, Paul Daniel/Jane Nicol (Pickering/Edinburgh) Ford Escort Mk2, H2
40, David Calvert/Neil Gould (Clitheroe/Truro) Ford Escort Mk2, C
41, Mark Constantine/Andrew Constantine (Richmond/Richmond) Vauxhall Corsa, B
42, Stewart Morrison/Shona MacGillivray (Oban/Isle of Mull) Ford Escort Mk2, C
43, Stephen Thompson/David Crosbie (Kirkcudbright/Penpont) Ford Escort Mk2, C
44, Dave Thwaites/Tony Walker (Kendal/Barnard Castle) Ford Escort Mk2, D
45, Kev Dunn/James Braithwaite (St Boswells/Melrose) Vauxhall Nova, A
46, Stephen Lockhart/David O’Brien (Oban/Duns) Mitsubishi Evo 7, D
47, Ross Marshall/Dave Robson (Tullibody/Jedburgh) Ford Escort, C
48, Robert Mathieson/Billy Dalgleish (Salen/Salen) Subaru Impreza, D
49, Bruce Edwards/Jim Smith (Scone/Galston) Darrian T9 GTR, D
50, Alec Brown/Alexander Corrigan (Tobermory/Ardgour) Ford Fiesta R2, B
51, Ben Cressey/Sam Collis (Chesterfield/Hull) Subaru Impreza STI, D
52, Tommy Graham/Mike Bailey (Bedale/Bedale) Mitsubishi Evo, D
53, Peppe Planeta/Daniel Simcock (Stoke on Trent/Stoke on Trent) Mitsubishi Evo , D
54, Nigel Feeney/Shona Hale (Monkton/Dunfermline) Subaru Impreza, D
55, Lee Hastings/Julie McGuire (Dumfries/Falkirk) Subaru Impreza, D
56, Jim McDowall/Jamie McDowall (Creetown/Creetown) Subaru Impreza, D
57, Martin Farrar/Andy Ward (Liversedge/Dewsbury) Subaru Impreza, D
58, David Holland/Neil Gator (Congleton/Congleton) Ford Escort Mk2 , C
59, Matt Tarbutt/Joff Haigh (Huddersfield/Measham) Subaru Impreza, D
60, Cameron MacLean/Allan MacDougall (Salen/Oban) Ford Escort Mk2, C
61, John Paterson/Paul MacFadyen (Salen/Salen) Vauxhall Nova, A
62, Steven Paterson/Scott Paterson (Salen/Salen) Opel Corsa , B
63, Geoffrey Gallagher/Stuart MacLean (Tobermory/Tobermory) Mitsubishi Evo 8, D
64, John Woodward/Kevin Ikin (Nantwich/Whitchurch) Ford Escort, C
65, Euan MacKay/Michael Hendry (Brora/Archiestown) Peugeot 106, B
66, Roy Jarvis/Adam Milner (York/Malton) Ford Fiesta R2, B
67, Norman MacPhail/Robert ‘anti lag’ Sherry (Salen/Newton Stewart) Ford Escort Mk2, C
68, Stevie Irwin/Neil Bye (Dunbar/Burnley) Vauxhall Nova, B
69, Greg McKnight/Mark McCulloch (Penpont/Dumfries) Ford Escort Mk2, C
70, Neil Morgan/Shaun Hughes (Congleton/Macclesfield) Ford Escort Mk2, C
71, Craig Rutherford/Robbie MacCallum (Isle of Mull/Isle of Mull) Subaru Impreza , C
72, Jamie Stewart/Simon Bailey (Blair Atholl/Edinburgh) Peugeot 205 gti, B
73, Mike Storrar/Kristopher Pirie (Warrington/Warrington) British Leyland ADO 28, C
74, Alan McLaughlin/Michael Cruickshank (Livingston/Crieff) Citroen C2R2, B
75, Allan Cameron/Alasdair Ingram (Isle of Mull/Isle of Mull) Subaru Impreza, D
76, Martin Page/Ben Anderson (Drumhead/Clitheroe) BMW Mini Cooper S, D
77, Iain Donaldson/Ian McCulloch (Oban/Glasgow) Ford Escort Mk2, C
78, Nick Thorne/Ian Murray (Earlston/Edinburgh) Subaru N10, D
79, Keith Hall/Peter Johnson (Penrith/Hethersgill) Ford Fiesta, C
80, Stuart Walker/Lewis MacDougall (Torphichen/Renfrew) Skoda Fabia S2000 , C
81, John Marshall/Scott Crawford (Stirling/Howwood) Ford Escort Mk2, B
82, Chris Woodcock/Heidi Woodcock (Blackburn/Blackburn) Proton Compact, A
83, Geoff Wright/Chris Sanderson (Richmond/Hawkshaw) Nissan Almera Kit Car, C
84, Mark David Read/Brian Hodgson (Ballater/Penrith) Nissan Sunny, B
85, James Hall/Caroline Lodge (Penrith/Brampton) Peugeot 205 RWD, B
86, Tom Hynd/Sue Hynd (Inverbervie/Inverbervie) Renault Clio 172 Cup Car, C
87, Nick Rintoul/Stan Quirk (Leven/Milton of Campsie) Skoda Fabia R2, B
88, Graeme Sherry/Cameron Fair (Gartcosh/Stewarton) Peugeot 205, B
89, Paul Beckett/Gareth Brookes (Keighley/Silsden) Subaru Impreza, D
90, Alasdair Currie/Steven Brown (Tobermory/Onich) Peugeot 106, B
91, Jim Brindle/Darren Meadows (?/?) Leyland Mini Clubman, A
92, James Allan/Mike Dickson (Oban/Galashiels) Subaru WRX, D
93, Andy Woodward/Tom Bowen (Nantwich/Crewe) Peugeot 205 GTI, C
94, Iain Noble/Alan Noble (Tobermory/Salen) Fiat Abarth, A
95, Andrew Smith/Brian Smith (Northallerton/Marske) Ford Escort Mk2, H3
96, Ross MacDonald/Scott MacBeth (Conon Bridge/Rosemarkie) Mitsubishi Evo 8,
97, Brian Watson/Caroline Will (Stonehaven/Kintore) Ford Escort Mk 2, D
98, Gordon Halley/Jeff Horne (Crieff/Perth) Ford Escort Mk2, C
99, Scot Grant/Stewart Hurst (Muir of Ord/Muir of Ord) Ford Escort Mk2, C
100, Blair Brown/Richard Simmonds (Kinross/Duns) Ford Fiesta R2T, C
101, Neil Morrison/Donnie Ross (Dunvegan/Inverness) Mitsubishi Evo 8, A
102, Jim Slater/Chris Slater (Skipton/Skipton) Ford Focus RWD, C
103, Kevin Lomax/James Haigh (Leeds/Ripon) Subaru Impreza, D
104, Norman McLaughlin/Amanda Morrison (Elgin/Glasgow) Subaru Impreza, C
105, Gordon Milne/Paul Watson (Dunfermline/Longframlington) Audi TT, D
106, Sam MacFadyen/Daniel Paterson (Newtongrange/Stonehaven) Mitsubishi Evo 6, D
107, Innes Mochrie/Paul Hunter (Lochgilphead/Lochgilphead) Rover Metro GTI, A
108, Gareth Hooper/Paul Wild (Keighley/Keighley) Opel Manta 400, C
109, Fergus Gray/James McDiarrmid (Auchterarder/Aberfeldy) BMW 130i, D
110, Alister MacArthur/Christopher Robertson (Lochgilphead/Tarbert) Talbot Sunbeam, C
111, Adam Booth/Daniel Granger (Sandbach/Congleton) Vauxhall Corsa, A
112, Neil McCarthy/Alan Barnes (Chorley/Preston) Daihatsu Cuore, A
113, Beefy Fraser/Fiona Moir (Alness/Inverness) Hillman Avenger Tiger, H3
114, Alan Clark/Iain Thorburn (Lanark/Elgin) Hillman Avenger, H3
115, Rob Meynell/Tommy Rogers (Malton/Malton) BL Mini Clubman, A
116, Derek Connell/Laura Marshall (Ayr/Newton Stewart) Vauxhall Corsa, A
117, Ross Carbry/Kyle Livingstone (Carluke/Tobermory) Vauxhall Corsa, A
118, John MacLeod/Seumas MacLean (Isle of Skye/Isle of Skye) Ford Focus, C
119, Donald Bowness/Ian Parker (Ardrishaig/Lochgilphead) Vauxhall Nova, B
120, Stewart Dodds/Paul Gribben (Kirkcudbright/Annan) Vauxhall Nova, A
121, Brian Pringle/Thomas Purvin (Lanark/Newtonhill) Subaru Impreza, D
122, Heather MacCrone/Hugh MacCrone (Dervaig/Dervaig) Peugeot 205, B
123, Jamie Miller/Calum MacPherson (Lochgilphead/Oban) Vauxhall Nova, A
124, W.A.Fleming/Chloe Fleming (Carluke/Uddingston) Peugeot 205, B
125, Graham MacDonald/Angus MacNeil (Strathconon/Oban) Peugeot 306 , C
126, Hugh Steel/Mark Runciman (Strathaven/East Kilbride) Ford Escort Mk2, H4
127, John O’Gorman/Martin Woodcock (Forest Row/Sutton on Trent) BMW E30, D
128, Ian Shiells/Nicola Ritchie (Kelso/Insch) BMW Compact, D
129, Ian Kelly/Margaret Kelly (Liverpool/New Mills) Nissan Micra, A
130, Chris Lawson/Stuart Sunderland (Otley/Rawdon) Mitsubishi Lancer, D
131, Michael Harbour/Ian MacDougall (Dalmellington/Isle of Mull) Vauxhall Corsa, B
132, Iain Stewart/Brian Stewart (Muir of Ord/Dingwall) Austin Mini, A
133, Tom Spencer/Sam Spencer (Malton/Malton) Vauxhall Corsa, B
134, Kevin MacIver/Alister Wait (Cruden Bay/Mundesley) Ford Escort Mk2 , B
135, Martin Beech/Paul Rusted (Congleton/Bulkington) Peugeot 205 Gti, C
136, Martin Newson/Andrew Lawson (Beccles/Stalham) MG ZR, A
137, Duncan (Dochy) MacLean/Chris Pedley (Lochgilphead/Rochdale) Peugeot 106 GTI, B
138, Neil Andrews/Mark Broadbent (Bradford/Halifax) Subaru Impreza, D
139, Darren Thompson/Larry Higton (Tobermory/Tobermory) Vauxhall Nova, A
140, Andrew Blower/Ian Clarke (Ashby De La Zouch/Groby) Austin Mini, A
141, David Fairhurst/Craig Fairhurst (St Helens/St Helens) Ford Escort, B
142, Dan Chambers/Nick Fryer (Bradford/Bradford) Ford Ka, A
143, George Winder/Mike Baird (St. John’s Town of Dalry/Castle Douglas) Nissan Micra, A
144, Stephen Hudson/Tony Vart (Preston/Darlington) Peugeot 205, C
145, Colin MacDonald/Hector MacDonald (Oban/Oban) Peugeot 205, B
146, John Stevens/Andrew Smith (Newstead/Forest Town) Peugeot 205 GTI, B
147, Malcolm Ball/Lance Rawlinson (Sandbach/Manchester) TR6 Sport, H4
148, Gary Dillon/Dave Riley (Harmston/Blackpool) Honda Civic EP3, C
149, Graeme Broom/Andrew Brown (Hartlepool/Houghton-Le-Spring) Ford Puma, C
150, Donald Cameron/Kenny McGuire(Lochaline/Oban) Honda Civic Type R, B
151, Graeme MacVicar/Grant MacNiven (Oban/Oban) Ford Fiesta, B
152, Steven Alexander/Graeme Brown (Glenshee/Blairgowrie) Citroen Saxo, B