25 Jun: Scottish Rally – spectators

… RSAC Scottish Rally, Fri/Sat 27/28 June …

Spectator Info:

The best thing to do is look at the RSAC Scottish Rally website (see link below) where the organisers have kindly put up marked Google maps for ease of use. I was thoroughly impressed!

And then scroll down the page to the Stage Timetable and the highlighted links for each stage. Simples!

However, if you’re new to the sport then best visit the Heathhall test or Jock’s Arena where spectators are specifically catered for. Getting to the Heathhall spectator area is not straightforward as you have to walk through the Service Area to find the entry to the forest footpath. So look for the tall trees at the far end of the Service Area (follow your nose, there’s usually a smelliforous burger van parked nearby wafting its tantalising temptuousness across the service area) and walk towards them where you will find the pedestrian access highlighted by marker tape.

Jock’s Arena is even easier to access as there is on-site parking, and again easy pedestrian access to the stage from there.

Once you’ve seen the sport in the raw you’ll have a fair idea of what to expect when you first visit the forests.

However, don’t assume that everyone you see spectating in the forests knows what they are doing. Some numpties get a bit too close to the track and don’t realise just how fast the cars are travelling. So again if you’re new, ca’ canny and stand well back. Take your guidance from the more sensible speccies – they are the ones peering out from behind trees. While I’m the big feartie who stands behind them standing behind the trees. And don’t ever stand on log piles. Think of them as resting skittles.

Start with the timetable below, plan your day and pick the stages you want to see, then download the spectator maps from the website before you set off. Or no doubt some of the more electronically enlightened amongst you will download the pics to their bleeding’ smartphones!

Whatever, a bit of planning will not go amiss and if you do see any eedjits out there in the forest, please have a word, for the sake of the sport. Just as long as there is more of you than there is of them. Take care, and park sensibly.


National A Rally:
Friday 27 June
Rally Start, Whitesands, Dumfries – 18:30 hrs
SS1A, Heathhall- 20:00 hrs
Saturday 28 June
SS2A, Twiglees- 10:00 hrs
SS3A, Castle O’er- 10:30 hrs
SS4A, Jock’s- 12:30 hrs
SS5A, Windy Hill 1- 13:30 hrs
SS6A, Ae West 1- 14:00 hrs
SS7A, Ae East 1- 14:20 hrs
SS8A, Windy Hill 2- 16:00 hrs
SS9A, Ae West 2- 16:30 hrs
SS10A, Ae East 2- 16:50 hrs
Rally finish, Whitesands, Dumfries – from 17:45 Hrs

National B Rally:
Saturday 28 June
Rally Start, Whitesands, Dumfries – 08:00 hrs
SS1B, Windy Hill- 08:30 hrs
SS2B, Ae West- 08:55 hrs
SS3B, Ae East- 09:30 hrs
SS4B, Jock’s- 10:50 hrs
SS5B, Heathhall- 12:20 hrs
SS6B, Twiglees- 13:15 hrs
SS7B, Castle O’er- 13:45 hrs
Rally finish, Whitesands, Dumfries – from 14:50 Hrs