30 Dec: 2013 SRC Prizewinners

2013 ARR Craib Scottish Rally Championship award winners …

All the trophy and award winners in this year’s ARR Craib Scottish Rally Championship are listed below, but in amongst the silverware were some serious prizes. For instance, Calum Atkinson has won himself the Royal Aero Group Champions Test in an S2000 MG rally car with tuition from Mark Higgins (apparently he’s quite handy at this game!) at Forest Experience in Wales and also a trip to Sweden for some ice driving courtesy of Vital Equipment. So that’s at least two post cards he’ll need to send to his Maw this coming year!

Haining2Mark McCulloch got himself a full set of shiny new alloy wheels while Iain Haining surely got the best prize of the night – a brand new Brian James Trailer from Morrison Trailers. For someone who has never actually owned his own trailer and had to depend on the friends and favours, this surely is the most practical prize of all. The prize was presented by that helluva nice chap (and trailer seller) John Morrison, and it couldn’t have gone to a more worthy winner.

Now, at the end of this list, under the ‘And Finally’ bit there is news of two more ‘unofficial’ awards, one of which has already been presented at a team ‘nicht oot’ and one which might never be presented at all due to the entirely unique nature of the competition which took place throughout the year, within the Scottish Championship, but not officially sanctioned in any way.

However, I think it worthy of mention, so there – see below!

The 2013 Scottish Champions:

David Bogie – Scottish Rally Champion Driver for the fifth successive year, winning the Stuart Brown Trophy
Quintin Milne – Scottish Rally Championship Runner-up winning the James Fleming 2nd to None Trophy
Mike Faulkner – Scottish Rally Championship third placed Driver

Kevin Rae – Scottish Rally Champion Navigator winning the Ross Finlay Trophy for the fifth successive year.
Martin Forrest – Scottish Rally Championship Runner-up Navigator winning the Doug Paterson Trophy
Peter Foy – Scottish Rally Championship third placed Navigator

4th overall Driver & Co-driver – Barry Groundwater / Neil Shanks (Evo 9)
5th overall Driver & Co-driver – Donnie Macdoanld / Andrew Falconer (Evo 9)
6th overall Driver & Co-driver – Euan Thorburn / Paul Beaton (Ford Focus WRC)
7th overall Driver & Co-driver – Dougal Brown / Lewis Rochford (Evo 9)
8th overall Driver – Chris Collie (Evo 6)
9th overall Driver & 8th overall Co-driver – John McClory / David Hood (Subaru)
10th overall Driver & 9th overall Co-driver – Alistair & Colin Inglis (Evo 5)
10th overall Co-driver – Jim Howie (DAM 4100 GTi)

Class 2 Winners (up to 1400):
1st Driver – Scott Sloan (Corsa)
1st Co-driver – David Law (Yaris)
And they won the Redpath Tyres Award for top 1400 crew

Class 3 Winners (8-valve up to 1600):
1st Driver & Co-driver – Ian Haining / Mhairi Riddick (Nova)
Winning the Scott Adam Memorial Trophy for top 1600 & 3rd Clubmans 2 Wheel Drive Co-driver

Class 4 Winners (16-valve up to 1600):
1st Driver & Co-driver – Iain Wilson / Keith Freemantle (Nova)

Class 5 Winners (8-valve up to 2000):
1st Driver & 2nd Clubmans 2 Wheel Drive Driver – Stewart Davidson (MkII Escort)

Class 6 Winners (historics):
1st Driver & Co-driver & Saltire Trophy for 1st Historic – Steve Bannister / Louise Sutherland (MkII Escort)

Class 7 Winners (front wheel drive 16-valve up to 2-litre)
1st Driver & Co-driver – Caroline Carslaw/John Duke (Fiesta ST)

Class 8 Winners (rear wheel drive 16-valve up to 2-litre):
1st Driver & Co-driver – Stuart Glendinning / Craig Robb (Puma R2000)

Class 9 Winners (2WD over 2000)
1st Driver & Co-driver – Robert Harkness / Mike Curry (BMW)

Class 10 Winners (4wd Gp N)
1st Driver & 2nd Co-driver & Mitsubishi Motors Scottish Evo Cup Grp N Winner – John Morrison / Peter Carstairs (Evo 9)

Class 12 Winners (4wd Open)
1st Driver & Co-driver – Barry Groundwater / Neil Shanks (Evo 9)

Steve Bannister – Historic Award, Saltire Rally Club Historic Rally Champion

Clubman 2wd – 1st Driver Weldex 1st Driver – Steve Bannister
Clubman 2wd – 2nd Driver Weldex 2nd Driver – Stewart Davidson
Clubman 2wd – 3rd Driver Weldex 3rd Driver – Robert Harkness
Clubman 2wd – 1st Navigator Weldex 1st Navigator – Louise Sutherland
Clubman 2wd – 2nd Navigator Weldex 2nd Navigator – Mike Curry
Clubman 2wd – 3rd Navigator Weldex 3rd Navigator – Mairi Riddick

Additional Awards:

John McClory – 1st Gp N Dom Buckley Trophy
John McClory – 1st Gp N Subaru John Pye Gp N Subaru

Scott Sloan/David Law – 1400 Award, Redpath Tyres
Iain Haining – 1600 Award, Scott Adam Memorial Trophy

Callum Atkinson – SRC Junior Driver Mintex Quaich
Lewis Rochford – SRC Junior Navigator Hyndsafe Trophy

Formula 2, Ken Adamson Trophy – James Robertson
Impressive Junior Nav Nicky Jack Trophy – Elliot Edmondson
Overcome adversity Douglas Wood Trophy – Chris Collie
Determination ‘If in Doubt Flat Out’ – Jock Armstrong

Open Class, Mitsubishi Scottish Evo Cup – Quintin Milne
Open Class, Mitsubishi GpN Scottish Evo Cup – John Morrison

Speedline Star Driver Award of 4 Speedline Gravel wheels – Mark McCulloch

Reivers007Chairmans Cup (Best event in the 2013 SRC) – Jim Clark Reivers Rally

Jim Fullwood Award (Best prepared car) as decided by the Scrutineers – Kieran Renton

Peoples Champion Award for outstanding contribution to Scottish Motorsport – Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club

The Colin McRae If in doubt… flat out Award – Jock Armstrong

Ladies Awards
1st Driver Caroline Carslaw
1st Co-driver Louise Sutherland

Pirelli A.B.C.D. (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) Marshalls awards were also presented to –
Colin Christie, Andy Straube and Ian Douglas

And Finally …

Gallacher002With ‘friends’ like Ross Cree, Andrew Davidson, Bernie Rooney and Charlie Shaw, Andrew Gallacher certainly doesn’t need to go looking for any enemies. But seriously, behind the scenes the boys were working on a wee surprise for Andrew and made the presentation at a ‘works’ night out. They had ‘borrowed’ Drew Gallacher’s original crash helmet which Andrew thought he had stashed away for posterity, and then surprised him on the night. In the meantime the boys had arranged for Allan Gibson to paint the helmet as a tribute to Andrew’s Dad, and what a job he’s done. The helmet will never see rally action again, but what a keepsake.

Gallacher003Big Drew was one of my original heroes too. In fact it was Drew who first gave the nickname ‘Jaggy Bunnet’ to a certain Scottish motor sports ‘journalist’, and that was way back in the early 1970s at the end of a Hackle Rally in Blairgowrie. And the name has stuck ever since – and by cracky that was some night, by the way!

And Finally, Finally …

Throughout the past 12 months of fierce, forestry fechtin’ I have recorded the progress of an altogether different challenge. Where others were concentrating intently on the dangers of ditches, the rigours of ruts, the toughness of trees and the doubtfulness of ‘flat’ crests, our two favourite ‘eedjits’ were entirely engrossed in their own game of ‘Horse’ whilst beating the living daylights out of a poor wee Peugeot 205.

On each event they tackled, they counted the numbers of horses seen in fields and forests as they passed by in the rally, the Co-driver counting those on his side of the car and the Driver counting those on the right.

The duo were also very inventive, allowing nothing to thwart their plans, including the fact that while contesting the Solway Coast there were no Horses to count on the Ranges – so they counted Tanks! On the final round of the Scottish Championship at the Galloping Hills, Keith counted 10 horses and Scott saw 9 thereby clinching the series title of 2013 Horse Counting Champion for Keith by a short head.

Editor’s Note … So impressed have I been with their dedication to this new sport that I will be suggesting that the Scottish Rally Championship officially adopts the new category as an additional ‘class’ in next year’s championship. It adds a whole new meaning to horsepower, eh?