29 July: Full Speyside Entry List

Full Entry List and Timetable for McDonald & Munro Speyside Stages …

There’s a full day’s rallying planned for Saturday’s McDonald & Munro Speyside Stages (3rd August), the fifth round of this year’s ARR Craib Scottish Rally Championship, with a total of 9 Special Stages planned to keep the action on the boil all day.

Spectator Info follows (with Full Entry List below that):
The rally will start from Cooper Park in Elgin at 9.00 am, but there’s no ‘city-centre special’ this year because of ongoing construction works for the city’s flood barriers.

Scrutineering from 18:00 (Friday Night) – Macrae & Dick, East Road, Elgin

Ceremonial Start – Cooper Park – First car due 09:00 Hrs

There are big public car parks available at Lossie Green, a two-minute walk from the Cooper Park, and even a limited amount of parking within Cooper Park itself. These are easily accessed and signposted from the main A96 through the town. Please park within the bays, and pay & display where applicable to avoid the wrath of the local traffic wardens!!

SS1 – Jack Carmichael Flooring Teindland – First car due 09:25 Hrs

Car Park provided by: Forest Enterprise Car Park manned by: Riding for the Disabled Association

There are two viewing options from the spectator car park. The best option is to use the road from the middle of the car park which joins the stage just after the start, through a flowing series of bends onto a long straight. This road is unsuitable for vehicles, so do not attempt to drive it, you will get stuck! The second option is to walk back the way you came in, and follow rally traffic into the stage, where you can watch the cars blast off the start line. Unfortunately, both these options involve an uphill walk of at least a mile, so please allow extra time if you want to be there to see the first car. If you don’t want to walk then this isn’t the stage for you, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

The main stage car park is on the forest track just off the B9103 heading towards Orton, which is accessed from the A96 Elgin – Lhanbryde road. The car park will be arrowed from the B9103. Please note the car park shares an access road competing cars – please take care and stay in the correct lane. There is NO access to the Stage Finish as there is no parking available. Parking charge is £3 per car.

SS3 – Heatcare Tauchers Wood – First car due 10:15 Hrs

The spectator car park joins the stage as the cars head uphill. To the left as you approach the stage is a 90 degree corner on loose gravel. To the right are some fast and flowing bends and also some big ditches, so if you choose this option please find somewhere safe to stand.

The car park for this stage is on the forest road from Gateside farm, accessed off the A95 Keith-Dufftown road. Turn right off the A96 just before Keith and follow the A95 for approx. 3 miles before following signs and turning left onto unclassified road. Follow this road for approx 1 mile before entering the forest at Gateside Farm. Please note that there have been recent forestry operations in this section of track, so please drive with caution as there are some bumpy patches. There is NO access to the Stage Start or Stage Finish

as there is no parking available on the A95. Anyone parking on the verges of this road is at risk of being towed away by the Police who will be patrolling the area. Parking charge for this stage is £3 per car.


SS4 and SS7 – McDonald & Munro Gartly Moor – First car due 11:50 and again at 14:15 Hrs

Car Park provided by: Forest Enterprise Car Park manned by: Gartly School P.T.A.

The spectator car park joins the stage at a 90 left as the cars sweep downhill. Due to forestry operations, there are some new clear felled areas which will give good views for those that like a good walk in either direction. Since the cars are through here twice in quick succession this is a good place to spend the day. Food will be available in the car park. DO NOT STAND IN THE TAPED OFF AREA AT THE JUNCTION.

The car park for the stage is accessed, and will be arrowed from the public road off the A96 at the top of the crawler lane after the Glens of Foundland. After approx 2 miles turn right into the forest and follow the arrows to the car park adjacent to the stage. The car park will again be run by a local organisation who will take the proceeds, and parking is again £3 per car.

SS8 – John Lawrie Group Balloch – First car due 15:00 Hrs

Car Park Provided by: Forest Enterprise Car Park manned by: COTAG

The spectator car park joins the stage as the cars crest a hill. To the left as you approach the stage, will be a man made chicane a few hundred yards down the stage. To the right is a short straight into a sweeping right hand bend. This is a very fast part of the rally, so please take care when accessing the stage and follow the marshals instructions.

The car park can be found off the A96 between Keith & Huntly, signposted Coachford. Follow the road into the forest and park as directed by marshals. The charge for parking is again £3 per car.


SS9 – Billy Miller Contractors Whiteash – First car due 15:40 Hrs

Car Park provided by: Kenneth J.Spalding, Pathside Farm Car Park manned by: A.T.C.

The main spectator area for this stage is at a tight hairpin at the end of a long straight, before the cars blast down another long straight. The hairpin is also made more difficult by having gates at the entry and exit of the corner, so any cars running wide could be in trouble! Please be aware that the cars will approach this corner at very high speed so make especially sure that you pick a safe place to watch.

The car park is situated on the unclassified road between the A96 and the B9016 that runs alongside the south-western side of the forest. Parking is in a field not far from the stage entrance, so please follow marshals instructions and park sensibly. Due to problems in previous years, no parking is permitted on the road. Please note that anyone parking on the verges near the stage may have their car towed away by the Polis. Please help the event by not inconveniencing the public. Parking will cost £3 per car. The entrance to the stage is approximately one mile from the junction at the A96. Please be aware that access to this car park is weather dependant, and if there is heavy rain before or during the event this car park will be closed and there will be no access to this stage.


All spectator car parks for the forest stages are arranged by the 63 Car Club (Elgin) for your convenience and safety. All these car parks are manned by local charities and community organisations who, by kind co-operation of the local Forest Enterprise offices, will keep 100% of the proceeds collected on the day. Please help these people make their day as enjoyable as possible by giving them your co-operation when using the car parks. The organisers, The 63 Car Club, accept no liability for car parking arrangements.

The first cars are expected to return to the Elgin Town Hall, from 16. 25 hrs onwards.

And remember, behave yourselves when out following the rally and park sensibly. Don’t go expecting Highland Constabulary to turn a blind eye to thoughtless or illegal parkers – they need the revenue to pay for a’ these bluidy average speed cameras they’re going to erect along the A9!

Programmes available to purchase from:
McDonald & Munro, 4 Moycroft Industrial Estate, Elgin.
Macrae & Dick, East Road, Elgin.
Autosave, Tyock Industrial Estate, Elgin.
Matheson Stores, Batchen Street, Elgin.
Keith Motorists DIY, 175 Mid Street, Keith.
Ashgrove Filling Station, Cairnie.
Huntly Autospares of Huntly, 49 Duke Street, Huntly .
Huntly Auction Mart Cafe, Huntly (Special Note: They make their own Scotch pies!)
Also – Autosave Inverness.

Entry List:
No / Entrant / Sponsor / Driver / Co-Driver / Town / Make / Model / Class
1 Euan Thorburn/Paul Beaton (Duns/Inverness) Ford Focus WRC, 12
2 David Bogie/Kevin Rae (Dumfries/Hawick) Ford Focus WRC, 12
3 Jock Armstrong/Kirsty Riddick (Castle Douglas/Haugh of Urr) Subaru Impreza, 12
4 Rallying With P & R Benn
Dave Weston/Dave Robson (Aberdeen/Jedburgh) Ford Focus WRC 02, 12
5 Quintin Milne/Martin Forrest (Banchory/Aberdeen) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9, 12
6 Melvyn Evans Motorsport
Dave Weston/Jnr Phil Clarke (Aberdeen/Church Stretton) Subaru Impreza S11 WRC, 12
7 Mike Faulkner/Peter Foy (Aspatria/Bingley) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 ,12
8 Groundwater Lift Trucks Ltd
Barry Groundwater/Daniel Paterson (Stonehaven/Stonehaven) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9, 12
9 Culloden Car Sales
Donnie MacDonald/Andrew Falconer (Inverness/Inverness) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9, 12
10 Chris Collie/Lisa Watson (Portlethen/Alford) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6, 12
11 Andy Horne/Jim Howie (Inverness/Kilmarnock) DAM 4100 Gti, 12
12 Bruce McCombie/Michael Coutts (Banchory/Torphins) Subaru Impreza, 12
14 John McClory/David Hood (Strathblane/Paisley) Subaru Impreza, 10
15 Alistair Inglis/Colin Inglis (Hillside/Edzell) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5, 12
16 Hardie Engineering/Holmpark Caravans
Mark McCulloch/Elliott Edmondson (Newton Stewart/Olney) Subaru Impreza, 12
17 Steve Bannister/Louise Sutherland (Malton/Hawick) Ford Escort MkII, 6
18 Robinson Road Planing
Matthew Robinson/Kim Baker (Ripon/Chesterfield) Ford Escort MkII, 6
19 Peterson Sbs
Calum MacKenzie/Allan Clark (Alford/Glasgow) Ford Escort MkII, 8
20 Franks International
Dougal Brown/Lewis Rochford (Inverness/Inverness) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9, 12
21 John Morrison/Peter Carstairs (Conon Bridge/St Andrews) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9, 10
22 Steven Ronaldson/Ann Marie Fraser (Inverness/Inverness) MG Metro 6R4, 12
23 Elphin Engineering/OCS Group
Brian Ross/Sean Donnelly (Elgin/Elgin) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5, 12
24 Ian Broll Joiners & Funeral Directors
Fraser Wilson/Steven Broll (Port William/Port William) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8, 10
25 Malloch Nicoll/Ian Nicoll (Dundee/Forfar) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9, 10
26 Andrew Gallacher/Phil Sandham (Kilmarnock/Carnforth) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9, 12
27 Franks International/OPS Group/Murray Group
Stephen Baillie/Susan Shanks (Kingston/Elgin) Subaru Impreza, 12
28 Brian Watson/Jane Nicol (Stonehaven/Edinburgh) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8, 12
29 John Rintoul/Ross Hynd (Leven/Inverbervie) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8, 12
30 Fraser Louden/Abi Louden (Kintore/Kintore) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9, 12
31 Gulf Fuel
Ian Paterson/James Haugh (Dumfries/Sandhead) Subaru Impreza, 12
32 DC Coachworks
Fraser MacNicol/Lorn Hughes (Ullapool/Ullapool) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6, 12
33 Canal Garage
Alasdair S Graham/Laura Stuart (Paisley/Alford) Vauxhall Corsa, 4
34 Burnhouse Motorsport And MOT Centre
Robert Harkness/Mike Curry (Stewarton/Lockerbie) BMW 316i, 9
35 Ken Wood/Mike Cruickshank (Insch/Crieff) Triumph Dolomite Sprint, 9
36 MSIS Industrial Services
Steven Smith/Daniel Johnstone (East Kilbride/Inverness) Peugeot 206 RC, 7
37 Brian Stephen/Michael Hendry (Elgin/Aberlour) Ford Escort Cosworth, 12
38 Graeme Smith/Laura Marshall (Carluke/Glasgow) Honda Civic, 4
39 Iain Haining/Mairi Riddick (Dumfries/Haugh of Urr) Vauxhall Nova, 3
40 Keith Renton Joinery Contractors
Kieran Renton/Carin Logan (Leitholm/Kelso) Ford Fiesta R2, 4
41 Iain Wilson/Keith Fremantle (Dalbeattie/Dalbeattie) Vauxhall Nova, 4
42 Grant Inglis/Robert Gray (Glasgow/Glasgow) Honda Civic, 4
43 Gordon Murray/David O’Brien (Perth/Duns) Ford Escort MkII, 8
44 Stewart Davidson/Breagha Dobney (Aboyne/Inverness) Ford Escort MkII, 5
45 Richard Ramsay/Garry Ramsay (Burghead/Burghead) Subaru Impreza, 12
46 Sandy Arbuthnott/Ryan Thomson (Elgin/Lossiemouth) MG Metro 6R4, 12
47 Sean Will/Neil Buchan (Dyce/Ellon) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5, 12
48 Tool Up Asbestos Ltd
Mike Grant/Graham Kelman (Elgin/Elgin) Subaru Impreza, 12
49 Billy Miller/Ian Imlach (Elgin/Elgin) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8, 12
50 Penpont Garage /GB Lubricants
James Robertson/Colin Maxwell (Thornhill/Dumfries) Citroen C2 R2, 4
51 DC7 Vending
Duncan Campbell/Gavin Chisholm (Ballochmyle/Kilmarnock) Honda Civic, 4
52 Alex Pirie/David Law (Drummuir/Huntly) Toyota Yaris, 2
53 JMS Trailer Hire
Ross MacDonald/Matthew Johnstone (Conon Bridge/Inverness) Honda Civic, 4
54 Premier Joiners/Culloden Car Sales
Keir Beaton/Jack Morton (Inverness/Stanley) Honda Civic, 4
55 Filpumps/Jags Bar/Aberclean Plant Sweeper
Russell Mann/Daniel Forsyth (Aberdeen/Elgin) Subaru Impreza, 12
56 Scotnet
Stuart Glendinning/Craig Robb (Glasgow/Inverness) Ford Puma R2000, 8
57 Jordan Black/Alan Todd (Lanark/Carnwath) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
58 Multi Fuel Stove Co/James Brown & Sons Scrap Metal
Callum Atkinson/Sue Hynd (Lauder/Inverbervie) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
59 Scott Peacock/Keith Riddick (Castle Douglas/Haugh of Urr) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
60 Weston Transport/RSM Hire
Graeme Sherry/Peter Weall (Gartcosh/Lenzie) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
61 Scott Kerr/Stephen Clark (Aberdeen/Aberdeen) Vauxhall Nova, 2
62 Campbell Garage Fortrose
Scott MacBeth/Colin Grant (Rosemarkie/Kiltarlity) Vauxhall Nova, 2
63 Roland Wessel/Rowena Hay (London/Nairn) Lancia Delta Integrale, 12
64 Kenny Wood/C Thomson-Bialy (Inverness/Forres) Talbot Sunbeam, 4
65 Craig Whyte/Darren McDonald (By Elgin/Mosstodloch) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
66 John Clark/Chris Lees (Laurencekirk/Eaglesham) Audi Quattro, 12
67 Duncan MacDonald/Neil Ross (Portree/Portree) Ford Escort MkII, 5
68 Bill Davidson/Ashleigh Will (Banchory/Kintore) Subaru Impreza GC8, 12
69 Brickfield Motors
Geoff Goudie/Calum Jaffray (Calliff/Torphins) Subaru Impreza, 12
70 Michael Rae/TBA (Inverness/) Subaru Impreza, 12
71 Adrian Stewart/Tom Hynd (Aberdeen/Inverbervie) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
72 JM Light Haulage/Inverness Tyres
James MacQueen/Susan MacRae (Inverness/Inverness) Subaru Impreza, 12
73 Alasdair Anderson/Richard Sutherland (Fortrose/Brora) Subaru Impreza, 12
74 Alister MacArthur/Chris Robertson (Lochgilphead/Glasgow) Talbot Sunbeam, 3
75 Steve McGregor/Gordon Reid (Laurencekirk/Stonehaven) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO3, 12
76 Elgin Autos
Stuart Morrison/James Ralph (Elgin/New Elgin) Talbot Sunbeam, 3
77 Palmerston Group/Euroroute Recovery
Charles Blair/Mark Roberts (Dumfries/Dumfries) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
78 QTS Group
Blair Brown/Richard Crozier (Kinross/Stonehaven) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
79 Derek Duncan/Adrian Bruce (Aberdeen/Carrbridge) Subaru Impreza, 12
80 Neil Philip/Ian Philip (Alves/Stonehaven) Subaru Impreza, 12
81 Jim Forman/Steven Ogston (Stonehaven/Inverurie) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6, 12
82 J D Fraser Agricultural Engineering
Rory Fraser/Calum D W MacLeod (Inverness/Aberdeen) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
83 Iain Mutch/Matthew Simons (Uig/Struan) Vauxhall Astra Mk2, 7
84 T.A.R.T.
Colin Baxter/John Campbell (Tain/Invergordon) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
85 David Cameron/Douglas Cameron (Glasgow/Glasgow) Ford Escort MkII, 5
86 John MacLeod/John MacLeod (Skeabost Bridge/Portree) Ford Focus, 7
87 Scott MacDonald/Stewart Hurst (Dingwall/Dingwall) Vauxhall Nova, 3
88 Sandy Morrison/Jenna Beaton (Dunvegan/Skeabost Bridge) Ford Sierra 4×4, 12
89 Michael Robertson/Gary McDonald (Letham/Aberdeen) Subaru Impreza, 12
90 Eric Falconer/Billy Falconer (Inverness/Inverness) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
91 Darren Christie/Daniel Christie (Insch/Inverurie) Peugeot 306 S16, 7
92 Albyn Garage Aberdeen
Simon Hay/Cameron Fair (Aberdeen/Stewarton) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
93 Kilmartin Chalet Park
John Martin/Craig Martin (Beauly/Drumnadrochit) Skoda Favorit, 2
94 A & D Watt Plumbing & Heating Ltd
Douglas Watt/Carol Watt (Furnace/Furnace) Ford Escort MkII, 5
95 Rod Manson/Ewan Manson (Aberdeen/Aberdeen) Hillman Imp, 1
96 Scott Sloan/David Sloan (Dumfries/Dumfries) Vauxhall Corsa, 2
97 E Watson & Sons – Pirelli
Rachel Clark/Caroline Lodge (Blackburn/Brampton) Nissan Micra, 2
98 Complete Cleaning Services
Caroline Carslaw/John Duke (Dunlop/Dunlop) Ford Fiesta ST, 7
99 Colin Patterson/Gary Clark (Banchory/Alness) Peugeot 106 Gti, 4
100 Christopher Murray/Gavin Taylor (Inverness/Inverness) Ford Escort, 5
101 John O’Kane/George Finlayson (Kyle of Lochalsh/Inverness) Ford Fiesta XR2i, 7
102 Duncan Niall Munro/Chris Munro (Glenshiel/Portree) Ford Escort MkII, 5
103 Nick Urquhart/James Swallow (Nairn/Chorley) Peugeot 205 Gti, 3
104 Robert Thomson/Steven Kerschat (Auldearn/Auldearn) Honda Civic, 7