12 July: Albar Trophy Preview

Albar Trophy Kames Rally, Sunday 14 July …

Full entry list for Sunday’s Albar Kames Trophy Rally printed below. Although this is primarily a Juniors (14 to 17 years old) event there are a few bigger cars and older hands taking part, including Andrew Gallacher who has just acquired an EVO9 and wants to give it a run out.

There are 16 stages on Sunday so it will be a busy old day with the first car away at 9:00 am. Entry costs 4 quid a head or 10 quid per car if there’s three or more inside.

So if you can’t afford ‘T in the Park’ tickets, come to Kames (Muirkirk) and listen to music of a rather different kind.

A word of warning though. If this weekend is anything like last weekend’s ‘Open Day’ at Kames – bring sunscreen! By goad it wis murrderr.

1, Alan Gardiner/Alan Todd (Ford Escort Mk1) 4
2, Duncan Ferguson/Janice Ferguson (Ford Escort) 4
3, Craig Callander/Ross Callander (Subaru Impreza) 4
4, Gary Keenan/Gordon Gray (Opel Manta) 3
5, Kevin MacIver/Robin Nicolson (Ford Escort MkII) 2
6, Robert Wright/Gary Davison (Ford Fiesta RWD) 3
7, Richard Stewart/Lewis Macdougall (Vauxhall Corsa) 3
8, Niall Thomson/Gordon Thomson Citroen Saxo) 2
9, Lindsay Taylor, David Murie, PEUGEOT, 205GTI, 1580, 2
10, M.Thaarique Fazal/Nick Young (Peugeot 205) 2
11, Iain Stewart/Brian Stewart (Austin Mini) 1
12, Alex Adams/Gordon Alexander (Nissan Micra) 1
14, Linzi Henderson/Cameron Fair (TBA) 4
15, Andrew Gallacher/Scott McMinn (Mitsubishi EVO 9) 4

91, Alexander Vassallo/James Ford (Citroen C1) J1
92, Ben Crealey/Liam Regan (Nissan Micra) J1
93, Michael Dickie/Euan Duncan (Toyota Aygo) J1
94, Harry Marchbank/Jordan Black (Nissan Micra) J1
95, Andy Struthers/Andrew Falconer (Nissan, Micra) J1
96, Dylan O’Donnell/Tracey Louise Muir (Nissan Micra) J1
97, Alasdair Currie/Mark Runciman (Citroen AX) J1
98, Craig MacIvor/Paul Beaton (Nissan Micra) J1
99, Luke Barker/TBA (Nissan Micra) J1

910, Brodie Balfour/Dave Retson (Nissan Micra) J1
911, Jake Anderson/Russell Kessack (Nissan Micra) J1
912, Sandy Fairbairn/Colin Reay (Nissan Micra) J1
913, Dale Kelly/Graeme Sherry (Nissan Micra) J1
914, Brandon Walsh/Steven Brown (Toyota Yaris) J1
915, Rory Stuart Winter/Craig Wallace (Nissan Micra Mk11) J1