27 Jun: Max McRae – On Tour!

Less than a week after his stunning Irish rallying debut in Donegal, 18-year-old Max McRae was tearing up Goodwood’s Forest Rally Stage in a Ford Focus RS WRC once driven by his Uncle Colin.

Next week? It’s a Ford Fiesta Rally2 debut at the McRae Rally Challenge in Knockhill. His main opposition? Dad, Asia Pacific and British Rally Champion Alister and Gramps, five-time British Rally Champion Jimmy.

It’s fair to say, Max is living the dream right now.

“That’s just it,” he said. “This really is living the dream. Donegal was amazing, just a fantastic experience to drive some of the best Tarmac roads in the world and then to come straight to Goodwood is awesome.

“When Steve [Rimmer, DirtFish Rally School owner and owner of his Uncle’s old wheels] asked if I wanted to drive the Focus, it was a proper pinch myself moment. To sit on the startline in that car was something unbelievable for me. What was it like after that? It was all happening so quickly!

“Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I got the chance to drive one of the most fearsome Group B cars ever made. Steve’s Audi was out of this world – the power, the noise and just the history of this car gave me goosebumps.

“I can’t thank Steve enough for what he’s done for Dad and I this weekend. He has this incredible collection of cars that a lot of people would keep in a garage or a museum and he just wants to see them out on the stages. My Dad and me were very happy to oblige!”

Alister was happy to get his eye in ahead of the big family rumble in the Kingdom of Fife next weekend (July 2/3). The McRae Rally Challenge is a capacity-entry event organised to celebrate Colin McRae’s record-rewriting 1995 World Rally Championship win.

“It’s always a real pleasure to come to the Festival of Speed,” said Alister. “Like Max said, the chance to drive Steve’s cars is a real privilege. It’s been a great weekend – but it’s never a bad one here with great company and a lot of friends around.

“But obviously, next weekend’s the big one. It’s fair to say there’s been a wee bit of talking going on the family for the last few months. The old boy still thinks he’s got it – he’s out in a Mk2 Escort, I’m in a Hyundai Accent WRC and Max is driving a [Ford Fiesta] Rally2 car for the first time.

“I know Dad can still drive a wee bit and Donegal showed Max is really getting a move on now, but this is a good chance to show them who’s the boss. Don’t be fooled by the glasses, I can still see where I’m going!

“Seriously, though, it’s going to be a phenomenal weekend up at Knockhill. There’s something like 24 of Colin’s cars going to be there, the whole family’s coming out and a lot of friends from around the world. There’s even talk of a bit of a party, which always goes down well.”

With a Subaru Legacy RS and Ford Focus RS WRC driven, it’s just five sleeps before Max is out in a Fiesta Rally2.

“My Dad and I talked about this trip for a long time,” he said. “It’s been postponed a few times, but it was worth the wait. Goodwood gave me memories I’ll never forget. Will I come back? Are you mad! I’ll be back every year if I can. It’s amazing.”

Next week?

“It’s going to be something really special to compete with Gramps and Dad. They’re both huge names in the sport and – along with Uncle Colin – the reason I’m here doing what I’m doing. I’m not going to talk about who’s going to win. It’s a big weekend to celebrate what happened in 1995, that’s the most important thing.

“But if you really pushed me, let’s just say I’ll take it easy on the old boys!”

Aside from the obvious McRae family interest, there’s a packed entry with quality from top to bottom, including Scottish regulars as well as global superstars. Garry Pearson starts at two in his Ford Fiesta Rally2, with Gordon Morrison (Fiesta R5) and Andy Scott (Fiesta S2000T) following. Former British Rally Champion Gywndaf Evans is bringing his Escort RS1800 while former world champion Stig Blomqvist drives a five-litre Firenza Can Am with Luis Moya co-driving.

It’s going to be a special weekend.

( Max’s 2022 programme is backed by partners Asset Alliance Group, AutoOne, Truckwholesale, Realty Lane, Maximum Motorsport, Specialist Helicopters, C Plant Industries, AAAC Towing and DirtFish in Australia and is excited to bring on board Asset Alliance, Rentokil, Long Rake Spar and SMS Mining Services for the European events.)

27 Jun: McRae Challenge – Entry List

… McRae Rally Challenge, 2nd/3rd July 2022 …

Over 80 cars and crews have entered this weekend’s McRae Rally Challenge at Knockhill. Billed as a commemoration of Colin McRae’s (and Derek Ringer was there too!) World Rally Championship title victory in 1995, it also has a competitive rally element.

Border Ecosse CC are organising a 10 stage rally spread over the two days with over 60 entries for the main event and 20 Junior 1000 entries for 14-17 year old rally drivers in their 1 litre cars.

Apparently the two day rally is also a counter in the Scottish Tarmack Stage Rally and Scottish Single Venue Rally Championships as well as BECC’s own club championship so there will be points at stake as well as prizes.

The Juniors will also be chasing points in their own respective Scottish and English championships with Tunnock’s Bakeries putting up a Challenge Trophy for the best performance by the combined Scottish or English teams.

Spread over two days, the Juniors get the wheels turning at 08.30 Hrs on Saturday morning for the first of the day’s 5 stages and again at 08.30 Hrs on Sunday for the final five stages.

And if you are wondering why the 10 stages will be spread out over two days, that’s because during each day, the action will be interspersed with other festivities and parades between stages. There will also be ‘Meet the Stars’ opportunities and a stage will be set up in the Paddock (no, not  a rally stage, one for performers!) for interviews and announcements so there should be something of interest going on all day.

The event programme will contain a full Timetable.

Entry List
1, Alister McRae/Ian Grindrod (Hyundai Accent WRC) 1998cc, Class 5
2, Garry Pearson/Ross Kirk (Ford Fiesta Rally2) 1600, Class 5
3, Gordon Morrison/Hannah Mckillop (Ford Fiesta R5) 1600, Class 5
4, Andy Scott/Laura Connell (Ford Fiesta S2000T) 2000, Class 5
5, Gwyndaf Evans/Phil Mills (Ford Escort RS1800) 1975, Class 1
6, Stig Blomqvist/Luis Moya (Chevrolet Firenza Can Am) 4998, Class 1
7, Joe Cunningham/Josh Beer (Ford Fiesta) 2000, Class 5
8, Mark McCulloch/Michael Hendry (Proton Satria Evo) 1998, Class 5
9, John Marshall/Craig Wallace (Ford Fiesta Rally2) 1600, Class 5
10, Max James McRae/Macartan Kierans (Ford Fiesta Rally2) 1600, Class 5
11, Jim McRae/Andy Richardson (Ford Escort Mk2) 1998, Class 1
12, Chris Hoy/Campbell Roy (Mitsubishi Evo9) 1977, Class 5
14, Wesley Simpson/Joe Ford (Ford Fiesta R5) 1600, Class 5
15, Jonny Milner/Colin Duncan McMath (Toyota Corolla WRC) 1998, Class 5
16, Carlo Boroli/Claire Mole (Subaru Impreza) 2000, Class 5
17, Andrew Gallacher/Bailey Callaghan (Subaru Impreza) 2000, Class 5
18, John Wink/Neil Shanks (Hyundai i20 R5) 1598, Class 5
19, Bruce McCombie/Michael Coutts (Ford Focus WRC) 1998, Class 5
20, Scott Beattie/Jane Nicol (Mitsubishi Evo7) 1998, Class 5
21, Wayne Sisson/Aaron Mclure (Mitsubishi Galant VR4) 1997, Class 1
22, Robert Adamson/TBA (Ford Fiesta Rally2) 2000, Class 5
23, Tom Blackwood/Andrew Blackwood (Ford Escort Cosworth) 2000, Class 5
24, Steven Harkness/Paul Sanders (BMW M3) 2500, Class 4
25, Angus Lawrie/Paul Gribben (Mitsubishi Evo9) 2000, Class 5
26, Stephen Thompson/Larry Higton (Ford Escort Mk2) 2000, Class 3
27, Barry Groundwater/Ally Shaw (Subaru S11 WRC) 2000, Class 5
28, Steve Bannister/Callum Atkinson (Ford Escort Mk2) 1998, Class 3
29, William Patterson/Tom Hynd (Ford Escort Mk2) 3 Class 4
30, Joe McKeand/TBA (Subaru Impreza) 2000, Class 5
31, John Crawford/Karen MacLeod (Ford Escort Mk2) 2000, Class 3
32, Ian Forgan/Chris Lees (Ford Ka) 1999, Class 5
33, Ian Baumgart/Jim Kinloch (Subaru Impreza) 1998, Class 5
34, Des Campbell/Craig Forsyth (Peugeot 206) 1600, Class 2
35, Ian Paterson/Owen Paterson (Subaru B13) 2000, Class 5
36, Billy McLelland/Gerry Bryden (Mitsubishi Evo) 1998, Class 5
37, Finlay Retson/Rhys Stoneman (Ford Fiesta Rally2) 2000, Class 5
38, Steven Hay/Scott Smith (Vauxhall Corsa) 1598, Class 2
39, Chris Collie/Gary McDonald (Mitsubishi Evo) 2000, Class 5
40, Oliver Benton/Steve Benton (Ford Escort Mk2) 2000, Class 3
41, Stuart Paterson/Alice Paterson (Subaru Impreza GC8) 2000, Class 5
42, Archie Swinscoe/Barry Young (Vauxhall Adam) 1598, Class 2
43, Iain Wilson/Mark Roberts (Ford Escort) 2100, Class 4
44, John Paterson/TBA (Ford Escort Mk2) 2500, Class 4
45, Justin Gunning/Keir Beaton (Ford Fiesta R2) 1600, Class 2
46, Brian Watson/Sean Donnelly (Audi Quattro S1) 2100, Class 5
47, Stuart Irvine/Marc Irvine (Hyundai Accent WRC) 1998, Class 5
48, Dougal Brown/Lewis Rochford (Ford Escort Mk2)1998, Class 3
49, Drew Gallagher/David Crosbie (Skoda Fabia) 1998, Class 5
50, Allan Smith/Sam Smith (Honda Civic) 1999, Class 3
51, James Gibb/John Bennie (BMW E30) 2993, Class 4
52, Alex Jim Adams/Ian Parker (Honda Civic) 1998, Class 3
53, Martin Watterston/Stuart Millar (Subaru Impreza) 2000, Class 5
54, Ashleigh Morris/Marc Fowler (Ford Fiesta R200) 1598, Class 2
55, Johnnie Mackay/Michael Cruickshank (Ford Fiesta ST) 1996, Class 3
56, Kenneth Blair/Jessica Jamieson (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo7) 1997, Class 5
57, Larry Carter/Tom Constantine (Peugeot 206 Super Cup)1600, Class 2
58, Graeme Sherry/Ewan Lees (Subaru Impreza) 2000, Class 5
59, Kenny Moore/Eoghan Anderson (Hillman Avenger) 1599, Class 1
60, Willie Bonniwell/Allan MacDougall (Subaru Impreza 555) 2000, Class 5
61, John Gray/Jordan Black (Opel Manta) 1995, Class 3
62, David Hugh Steel/Shannon Turnbull (Subaru Impreza WRX) 1998, Class 5
63, Tom Johnstone/Mark Runciman (Skoda Citigo) 999, Class 2
64, Ron Walker/Amy McCubbin (MG Bit-Tech) 1400, Class 2
65, Craig Ritchie/Fiona Moir (Toyota Celica) 1990, Class 3
 Class 1 Historic
 Class 2 1401cc to 1600cc
 Class 3 1601cc to 2000cc
 Class 4 2001cc and over
 Class 5 All 4 wheel drive cars
Junior 1000 Entry List
101, Sam Pattison/Paula Swinscoe (Ecosse) Škoda Citigo 
102, Kalum Graffin/Richard Morton Crozier (Ecosse) Škoda Citigo 
103, David Burden/Peter Williams (Rally) Citroen C1 
104, Oliver Phillips/Emma Morrison (Ecosse, Rally) VW Up! 
105, Max Speed/Alan Gilbert (Rally) Peugeot 107 
106, Letisha Conn/Richard Stewart (Ecosse) Skoda Citigo 
107, Rian Walker/Stuart McBride (Ecosse, Rally) Skoda Citigo 
108, Rhys Jones/Steven Brown, Citroen C1 
109, Jack Ryan/Robin Nicolson (Ecosse) VW Up! 
110, Thomas Milne/Neil Jeffrey (Ecosse) Nissan Micra 
111, Oliver Waggett/Paul Hudson (Rally) Citroen C1 
112, Bobby Conn/Tom Middlemiss (Ecosse) Citroen C1 
114, Jack Birch/Mike Jode (Rally) Nissan Micra K11 
115, Charlie Mathewson/Ian Bass (Rally) Peugeot 107 
116, Evan Graham Findlay/Paul Tonner (Ecosse) Peugeot 107 
117, Ruan Lowry/Ian McRae (Ecosse) Nissan Micra 
118, Daniel Taylor/Cat Lund (Rally) Citroen C1 
119, Fraser Mack/Edward Runciman (Ecosse) Peugeot 107 
120, Lucy Anne Cree/Chloe Fleming (Ecosse) TBC  
 Ecosse - 2022 Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge
 Rally - 2022 Junior 1000 Rally Challenge 

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