Car: Scottish Car of the Year Awards

Scottish Car of the Year Awards Friday 13th November, St Andrews We all love lists don’’t we? It’’s a bloke thing. Women will never get the hang of it. That’s why they don’’t hang around bars with one foot hooked on the rail and an elbow hooked on the bar […] Read more »

Report: Armstrong wins in Solway

D.A. Autoparts Solway Coast Rally St John’s Town of Dalry, Sunday 18th October 2009 Armstrong Reaches the Age of Maturity! There is something un-natural about the words ‘’mature’ ’and ‘‘Armstrong’’ appearing in the same sentence, but it was the man himself who used them at the end of last weekend’’s […] Read more »

Car: Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 1.2 Comfort Small Car – Big Enough To Change Opinions! I was dreading the arrival of the Hyundai i20. Generally I don’’t like small cars. And I also have a rule of thumb. The further east you travel, the worse the cars get. So you can imagine what […] Read more »

Report: Rain on the Cheviot

UTS Cheviot Keith Knox Stages Rally Otterburn, Sunday 25th October It Rained on the Plain – and then Some! Otterburn is never the most hospitable of places, but Stephen Simpson and Mark Booth must like it. They won this year’’s UTS Cheviot Keith Knox Stages second time out in their […] Read more »

Blethers: Another Night of Stars

McRae Musings …. Coltness Car Club were hoping for an easier time at this year’’s event, and for a wee while after last year’’s wonderful tribute to their former member and world champion, it did indeed look as though last weekend’’s event would be ‘back to normal’. And yes, it […] Read more »

Blethers: Case of the Stolen Bicycle

Bicycle Blagging in Barcelona …. Well, there I was sitting with the feet up and laptop on my lap, trying to compose some serious motoring drivel. I was seated in the foyer of the Diplomat Hotel in Barcelona with nary a care in the world. I had just finished breakfast, […] Read more »

Rally News: 04 October, 2009

Head to Head on Tour of Mull A father and son will go head to head next weekend, on one of the UK’’s longest and toughest rallies in the British national motor sports calendar, the Tunnock’s Tour of Mull Rally. Twelve times winner of the event, Neil MacKinnon will be […] Read more »

Rally News: 12 September, 2009

More from the Merrick Steve Bannister and Louise Sutherland looked as though were auditioning for Kwik-Fit on the Merrick. On Stage 4, ‘Ethel’ picked up a rear puncture forcing Steve to pull over and stop. With the jack strapped to the side of Louise’’ seat she was out of her […] Read more »

Report: Jock the Merrick

Ian T Bendall Merrick Forest Stages, Saturday 5th September Round 7 (of 8) – Hankook Scottish Rally Championship Jock Does a Merrick-ah It was good to see Jock and Kirsty back at a rally start after the Speyside stramash. It would have been too easy just to stay at home, […] Read more »

Rally News: 14 August 2009

Exclusions in the News Jock Armstrong’’s shock exclusion from the Speyside Stages Final Results was accepted with dignity by the man himself. “”I bought the car in good faith and I bought the Japanese Group N kit in good faith’,”” said Jock, ““I am more shocked than anyone else. I […] Read more »