19 Nov: R.A.C. Rally – Entry List

 … Roger Albert Clark Rally, 25-29 Nov 2021 …

Five days, 39 Special Stages, 350 stage miles and 150 cars and crews – it must be the 2021 Roger Albert Clark Rally. The entry list and timetable have now been published for this year’s event and there’s no real surprise in the automotive line-up. Of the 150 or so cars entered, there are 96 Ford Escorts – plus 2 Cortinas, 1 Anglia and 1 Fiesta!

Of course other marques and models are represented including 3 Hillman Angers, 3 Sunbeams, 2 Chevettes, 2 Asconas, 2 Novas, 1 Corsa, 1 Astra and 1 Kadett There are also 3 Peugeot 205s and one 504 (!), 5 Saabs, 2 Porsches and 2 Toyotas, plus a Datsun 240Z and 1600 SSS, 2 BMWs, a VW Golf, Alfa Romeo, Fiat 131, Lancia Fulvia, Subaru Legacy RS, Triumph TR7 and a Rover 200 BRM, and a personal favourite, one Volvo PV544, but the blue oval reigns supreme.

There’s quite a few of our lot heading south for this great adventure, mostly all-Scottish crews, but also including a few mixed sporting ‘marriages’ as well. Sadly, no potential outright winners amongst them when you look at the quality of the top ten, although that man ‘Banner’ can never be discounted. Around 10% of the entry is Scottish which is about right, especially considering the four and a half grand entry fee, although half of Belgium seems to be making the trip across the water plus a few from even further afield including the USA and Australia.

The full Timetable has been published on a separate page, but if you do venture out to watch, please make sure you act and park sensibly, as no doubt those who would seek to vilify rallying may well use bad or thoughtless behaviour as another cudgel to beat our sport over the head. On that basis you might want to buy a rally pack and/or tickets, details below.

The first car hits the road on Thursday afternoon the 25th November from Carlisle and is due to reach the Finish on later Sunday afternoon, the 29th.

Spectator Tickets can be purchased here with details of Car Parks:


Entry List:
1, Martin McCormack/Barney Mitchell (Draperstown/Magherafelt) Ford Escort Mk2, 1998 D5 
2, Jason Tauber Pritchard/Phil Clarke (Builth Wells/Church Stretton) Ford Escort RS1800, 1975 G2 
3, Osian Pryce/Noel O'Sullivan (Machynlleth/Killarney) Ford Escort Mk2, 1998 G2 
4, Matthew Robinson/Sam Collis () Ford Escort RS, 0 D5 
5, Roger Chilman/Patrick Walsh (Hereford/Aberystwyth) Ford Escort Mk2, 1975 D5 
6, Paul Barrett/Gordon Noble (Omagh/Omagh) Ford Escort, 0 G2 
7, Rhys Yates/James Morgan (Chesterfield/Llandysul) Ford Escort Mk2, 1975 D5 
8, Seb Perez/Gary McElhinney (Chesterfield/Co Donegal) Ford Escort Mk2, 1975 D5 
9, Ben Friend/Cliff Simmons (Ipswich/Colefrord) Ford Escort Mk2, 1998 D5 
10,Steve Bannister/Callum Atkinson (Malton/Lauder) Ford Escort, 0 D5 
11,Simon Webster/Jez Rogers (Norwich/Bridgnorth) Ford Escort RS1800,1998 D5 
12, Alan Walker/John Connor (Bridgnorth/Belbroughton) Ford Escort RS 1800, 1998 D5 
14, Steve Bennett/Osian Owen (Ross on Wye/Rhyl) Ford Escort Mk2, 1993 D5 
15, Josh Neil Browne/Jane Elizabeth Edgington (Sittingbourne/Ruthin) Ford Escort, 1975 D4 
16, Harry Hunt/Steven McPhee (London/Ponterwyd) Ford Escort RS1800,1975 D5 
17, Robert Gough/Jack Bowen (Ludlow/Hereford) Ford Escort RS1800,1975 D5 
18, Ryan Champion/Craig Thorley (Castleton/Pocklington) Porsche 911, 3000 G2 
19, Stanley Orr/Graham Henderson (Killinchy/Londonderry) Ford Escort RS1600,1975 C5 
20, Adrian Hetherington/Ronan O'Neill (Donaghmore/Moy) Ford Escort RS1800, 1998 D5 
21, David Condell/Paul Kelly (Calrow/Monaghan) Ford Escort, 2500 J5 
22, David Brown/Steve Billby (Pickering/Pickering) Ford RS1800, 2000 D4 
23, Barry Stevenson-Wheeler/John Pickavance (Syston/Bingham) Ford Escort RS1800,1975 D5 
24, Rudi Lancaster/Guy Weaver (Woolacombe/Wolverhampton) Ford Escort RS1800, 1975 G2 
25, John Lowe/James Whitaker (Rufforth/Skipton) Ford Escort, 1997 D5 
26, Jeremy Bailey/Sinclair Young (Salisbury/Lairg) Ford Escort RS1800, 1975 D5 
27, Chris Skill/Simon Jones (Mansfield/Mold) Ford Escort RS1600, 1975 C5 
28, David Hutchinson/Jeff Garnett (Knaresborough/Bolton) Ford Escort Mk2, 2300 J5 
29, Rob Dennis/Andy Boswell (Cricklade/Swindon) Ford Escort Mk2, 0 D5 
30, Leigh Armstrong/Chris Armstrong (Brighton/Crawley) Ford Escort RS, 1998 D5 
31, Steve Graham/Tony Graham (Carlisle/Carlisle) Lancia Fulvia, 1300 C1 
32, Christophe Jacob/Isabelle Regnier (Belgium/Belgium) Ford Escort, 1997 G2 
33, Stefaan Stouf/Joris Erard (Belgium/Belgium) Ford Escort RS1600, 1975 C5 
34, Sacha Kakad/James Aldridge (Chepstow/Workington) Ford Escort Mk2, 1975 D5 
35, Paul Street/Ian Jones (Mansfield/Abergele) Ford Escort Mk2, 1993 D5 
36, Keith McIvor/David Burns (Cookstown/Stewartstown) Ford Escort Mk2, 2000 G2 
37, Geoff Bell/Tim Challen (Chesterfield) 0 G2 
38, Chris Browne/Ali Cornwell-Browne (Sittingbourne) Ford Escort RS1600,1998 C5 
39, Adrian Young/Gwynfor Jones (Narberth/Llandysul) Ford Escort RS2000, 1998 D3 
40, Grant Duncan Inglis/Michael Cruickshank (Glasgow/Crieff) Ford Escort Mk2, 1998 D5 
41, Andrew Siddall/Alex Lee (Chesterfield) Fiat 131, 1998 D3 
42, Jeremy Easson/Mike Reynolds () Datsun 240Z, 0 C4 
43, Mike Stuart/Neil Shanks (Alford/Elgin) Ford Escort, 1975 C5 
44, Theo Bengry/Les Forsbrook (Kingsland/Dilwyn) Opel Ascona 400, 2400 D4 
45, Frank Cunningham/Ross Forde (USA/Galway) Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800, 1975 G2 
46, David Tomlin/Keith Ashley (Worecester/Hereford) Ford Escort Mk2, 1998 G2 
47, Lee Ashberry/Terry Mallin (Granby/Bothwell) Ford Escort, 1998 D5 
48, Alun Horn/Ian Beamond (Bettws/Bishopscastle) Ford Escort, 2000 J4 
49, Nick Cook/Dave Raw (Whitby) Ford Escort Mk1, 1975 D5 
50, Richard Jordan/James Gratton-Smith (Leicester/Chesterfield) Ford Fiesta, 1599 D2 
51, Fintan McGrady/Cormac McGrady (Belfast) Ford Escort Mk2, 1998 D5 
52, Pete Littler/Andy Marchbank (Coppull/Little Sutton) Ford Escort RS1800, 1975 D5 
53, Seamus Burke/Martin Brady (USA/Galway) Ford Escort, 1975 G2 
54, Mike Reed/John Millington (Market Weighton/Wigginton) Ford Escort RS 2000,1998 D3 
55, James Nicholls/David Allman (Rugeley/Rubery) Peugeot 205 GTI, 1998 J4 
56, Mike Tomkinson/Shaun Whitehurst (Wargrave) Ford Escort Mk2, 1998 D5 
57, Philip Squires/Mick Squires (Stoke on Trent) Ford Escort, 1998 D5 
58, Jim Robertson/Paul Gribben (Penpont/Annan) Ford Escort, 2000 D3 
59, David Pedley/Paul Michael Stringer (Rochdale) Ford Mk2 RS1800, 1997 D4 
60, Phil Jobson/Ali Proctor (Carlisle) Ford Escort Mk1, 1975 C5 
61, Gary Smith/Clive Jones (Ludlow/Welshpool) Ford Escort Mk1, 1996 C5 
62, Chris Harris/Brynmor Pierce (St. Columb Major/Mold) Ford Escort Mk2, 2500 J5 
63, Andy Davison/Tom Murphy (Middlesbrough/Nottingham) Sunbeam VXR, 1998 J4 
64, Andy Johnson/ Jim McSherry (Killinchy/Ballynahinch) Vauxhall Chevette HSR, 2300 D4 
65, Andrew Stokes/Jonny Tad Evans (Wotton under edge/Newtown) Ford Escort Mk1, 1975 C5 
66, David Kirby/Martin Corbett (Martlesham/Ashtead) Ford Escort, 1975 C5 
67, Richard Warne/Chris Deal (Hertford/Bedford) Ford Escort Mk2, 1998 J4 
68, Tony Williams/Richard Wise (Sturminster Newton/Ripon) Ford Escort RS2000 Mk2, 1998 J4 
69, Terry Cree/Richard Shores (Thirsk) BMW 2002ti, 1990 C3 
70, Tony Shields/Mark Mason (Brighouse/Gateshead) Ford Escort, 1998 C3 
71, Mick Plowman/Paul Hudson (Darlington) Ford Escort Mk2, 1998 J4 
72, Mike Roberts/Ken Bowman (Carmarthen/Swansea) Ford Escort RS2000, 1993 D3 
73, Richard Spink/Nigel Hutchinson (Easingwold/York) Ford Escort RS1800, 1975 D5 
74, Dave Forrest/Jamie Forrest (Bradford/Keighley) Ford Escort Mk2, 1998 D3 
75, David Kynaston/Val Thompson (Exeter/Leicester) Triumph TR7, 3500 D5 
76, Alexandre Felsenhart/Sophie T'Kint De Roodenbeke (Belgium) Ford Escort Mk1, 1994 J4 
77, Dave Hemingway/Simon Ashton (Wrangbrook/Stocksbridge) Ford Escort, 1998 J4 
78, Paul Fry/Mike Steele (Kendal/Ravenglass) Ford Escort RS1800, 2000 D5 
79, Darren Martin/Peter Johnson (Carlisle) Ford Escort RS2000 GrpA, 2000 J4 
80, George Bryson/Jacqueline Bryson (Catrine) Ford Escort Mk1 RS1600, 1975 C5 
81, David Goose/Will Atkins (Spalding/Whitchurch0 Ford Escort Sport, 1598 D2 
82, David Jone/ Glyn Price (Ystradgynlais/Sennybridge) BMW E30, 2500 F2 
83, Steve Hopewell/Mike Smith (Bristol) Ford Escort, 1998 J4 
84, Miguel Henry de Frahan/Gressens Eric (Belgium) Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800, 1975 D5 
85, Tim Metcalfe?Mark Casey (Barnard Castle/York) Ford Escort RS1800, 1975 G2 
86, Dominique Lesourd/Sebastien Chol (Italy/France) Ford Escort Mk2, 0 D3 
87, Bart jan Deenik/Egbert Kolvoort (Holland) Ford Escort RS1600 Mk1, 1997 C3 
88, Paul Kynaston/Andy Conibear (Exeter) Opel Ascona, 2420 D4 
89, Christian Becker/Hebert Frederic (Belgium/France) Ford Escort, 1999 D3 
90, Paul Thompson/Josh Davison (Driffield) Ford Escort, 2000 J4 
91, Graham Palmer/Mike Webb (Brighton) Ford Escort, 2000 C3 
92, Rodger Mark Fowler/Ashley Young (Sheffield) Ford Escort Mk2, 1997 D5 
93, Donald Brooker/Tony Booth (Ballater/Inverbervie) Subaru Legacy RS, 1994 F2 
94, Steve Benton/John Henderson (Solihull/Portadown) Ford Escort Mk2, 2000 H2 
95, Jim Valentine/Jonathan Lodge (London/Brampton) SAAB 99, 1985 C3 
96, Conrad Bos/Geoff Crabtree (Bury St Edmunds/Carnforth) Ford Escort RS2000, 2000 D3 
97, John McIlwraith/Jonathan Fowler (Canonbie/Brampton) Ford Escort Mk2, 1997 D3 
98, Keith Turner/Brian Hodgson (Driffield/Penrith) Ford Escort Mk2, 1977 D5 
99, Ricky Evans/Daniel Evans (Tamworth) Peugeot 205, 1900 F2 
100, Derek Belbin/James Burns (Whitley Bay/North Shields) Ford Escort, 1995 D5 
101, Colin Hope/Nick Patrick (Great Heck) Saab 96 V4, 1840 H2 
102, Ben Jemison/Dean Kellett (York/Selby) Vauxhall Chevette, 2300 D4 
103, Stu McLaren/Simon Hunter (Lanark/Chorley) Opel Kadett GT/E, 1978 D3 
104, Gordon McCombie/Craig Forsyth (Greenlaw/Kelso) Saab 900 Turbo, 2 J5 
105, Drexel Gillespie/Gill Cotton (Templepatrick/Weymouth) Ford Escort, 1997 C3 
106, Meynart Jean Louis/Yves Huyghe de Mahenge (Belgium) Ford Escort Mk2, 1998 C3 
107, Ron Morgan/Marc Clatworthy (Bridgend) TBC 0 D3 
108, Adrian Drury/Cat Lund (Smalley/Bolton-on-Swale) 0 
109, Phillip Harris/Richard Suter (Northampton/Chepstow) Ford Escort, 1993 J4 
110, Colin Smith/John Pinder (Duns/Shipley) Vauxhall Astra Mk3, 1999 J4 
111, Howard Allan/John Buckley (Romiley/Carrbrook) Ford Escort RS2000, 1998 D3 
112, Eddie Gale/Andy Hollingham (Fareham/Littlehampton) Ford Escort Mk2, 2100 J5 
113, Richard Dryden Phillipson/Stefan Arndt (Bishop's Stortford/Fleet) Peugeot 504, 1994 C3 
114, Gavin Chisholm/Shannon Turnbull (Kilmarnock/Braidwood) Saab 99, 2000 J4 
115, Keith Shepherd/Rowan Corney (Southampton/Waterlooville) Ford Escort, 1998 D3 
121, Neil Weaver/Jack Morton (Ludlow/Maryport) Vauxhall Corsa S1600, 1598 J3 
122, Adam Milner/Roy Jarvis (Malton/York) Ford Escort Mexico Mk1, 1600 C2 
123, Rory McCann/Paul McCann (Douglas) Hillman Avenger, 1598 C2 
124, Rikki Proffitt/Graham Wild (Rhuddlan/Market Rasen) Porsche 911S, 1993 B5 
125, Stuart Cariss/Linda Cariss (York) Ford Escort Sport, 1600 C2 
126, John Mennell/Tom Spencer (Malton) Ford Escort Mk2, 1600 D2 
127, Alan Jardine/Chris McSherry (Dungannon/Belfast) Ford Escort Mk2, 1600 D2 
128, Alex Mark Waterman/Glyn Thomas (Leatherhead/Weston-super-mare) Datsun 1600 SSS, 1595 C2 
129, Matthew Fowle/Andy Pullan (Bepton/Otley) Ford Escort, 1600 C2 
130, Chris Hellings/Tim Hellings (Woking/Bridgwater) VW Mk1 Golf Gti, 1598 D2 
131, Tony Jardine/Allan Harryman (Ascot/Bangor) Hillman Avenger, 1598 C2 
132, Andy Madge/Matt Cooper (Wellingborough/Kettering) Toyota Corolla GT Coupe, 1587 J3 
133, Ian Beveridge/Paul Price (Mixbury/Wolverhampton) Toyota Corolla TE27, 1598 C2 
134, Bob Bean/Captain Thompson (Cleckheaton) Ford Cortina, 1598 B4 
135, David Hopkins/Anthony Peter Vart (Abervergenny/Preston) Talbot Sunbeam, 1598 D2 
136, Dave Watkins/Graham Wride (Beverley/Leeds) Ford Escort TC Mk1, 1558 C2 
137, Mark Tugwell/Nigel Graham (France/Worcester) Ford Escort, 1558 C2 
138, Keir Beaton/Paul Beaton (Vauxhall Nova) 0 D1 
139, Malcolm Rich/Ryland James (Brecon/ St Clears Carmarthen) Ford Anglia, 1598 B3 
140, Pete Johnston/Charles Johnston (Cambridge/Egham) Peugeot 205 GTI, 1587 J3 
141, Iain Freestone/Nick Kennedy (Northampton/Bournemouth) BRM Rover 200, 1600 J3 
142, Paul Mankin/Pete Phennah (Newcastle upon Tyne/Wrexham) 0 B4 
143, Dale Glover/Sean Ward (Downham Market) Alfa Romeo Alfasud TI, 1400 J2 
144, Chris Melling/Nick West (Knott End on Sea/Fleetwood) Peugeot 205 GTI, 1580 J3 
145, Paul Rawson/Paul Wild (Bradford/Keighley) Ford Escort, 1600 C2 
146, Allan Clark/Iain Thorburn (Blackwood/Elgin) Hillman Avenger, 1598 C2 
147, Martin Lindén/Rickard Forsell (Sweden) Volvo PV 544 Sport, 1800 B4 
148, Julian Birley/Emyr Hall (Bala/Corwen) Talbot Sunbeam Ti,1598 D2 
149, Robert Evett/Michael William Evett (Aylesbury) Vauxhall Nova, 1140 J2 
150, Andrew Pidden/Thomas Pidden (Hong Kong/Australia) Ford Mk1 Cortina, 1500 B3 
151, Rob Aslett/Ashley Aslett (Romsey) Peugeot 205 GTI, 1598 J3 
152, Anthony Harrison/Andrew Darbyshire (Lancaster) Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico, 1598 C2 
153, Steve Higgins/Sam Spencer (Isle of Man/Malton) Saab 96 Sport, 850 B1  

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