04 Dec: LE JOG 2013

HERO – the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation …
Land’s End to John o’Groats Reliability Trial & Touring Trial 7-10 Dec 2013 …

Over 60 cars and crews from all over the UK and Europeland have entered this coming weekend’s 20th anniversary LE JOG endurance rally which runs from Land’s End to John O’Groats. There isn’t a great deal of Scottish interest apart from David Mustarde in his Alfa, Tony Sheach in his Triumph and Colin Waudby in his Volvo, while Mull Rally fans may recognise the name of Paul Kirtley who has forsaken his Impreza WRC for an Alfa Romeo – it must be an age thing!

German girls in 1979 VW Iltis

German girls in 1979 VW Iltis

The whole affair kicks off with a black-tie dinner at the Land’s End Hotel on Friday night (7th Nov) before the first test on-site on the Saturday morning.

Full entry list is printed below with an outline of the route, but not too much detail as the competitors might use it prior to setting off! Perish the thought. So if you want to escape the Christmas shopping, grab the weans and take them for a look at the old cars.

Leg 1 – Saturday 07:45 – 17:30 hrs
The rally heads north out of Cornwall through Somerset to Porlock Hill. Supper will be near the Severn Bridge.

Leg 2 Saturday 19:30 to Sunday 03:00 hrs
After supper it’s straight into the night sections in Wales before a 4 hour halt in the Llangollen area.

Leg 3 Sunday 09:00 – 19:00 hrs
Sunday morning features two regularities and three long tests on the way to Yorkshire and a lunch halt in a Yorkshire Dales village pub. That’s followed by an afternoon run over the Pennines towards dinner and bed in Carlisle.

Leg 4 Monday 08:30 – 18:00 hrs
The Monday route takes the crews over the Border through Dumfries and Galloway with a test at Lomond Shores (11.00 hrs) followed by a Halt at Cameron House Hotel (11.05 hrs) and up the ‘new’ old-road at Rest-and-be-Thankful (12.10 hrs) before lunch at the Loch Fyne Hotel at Inveraray (12.50 hrs) and a test at Inveraray Castle (13.55 hrs). There’s another test at Oban (Ryanair’s Glasgow?) Airport at 15.00 hrs with a Control in Fort William at the West End Hotel (16.35 hrs) and another at Kyle of Lochalsh Hotel at 19.20 hrs.

Legs 5 and 6 Monday 20:00 to Tuesday 09:00
After the supper halt at Kyle of Lochalsh, the crews will set out to drive all night visiting a variety of lanes, moors and passes with another stop in the middle of the night to do some simple route plotting before crews set out to tackle the last leg: a series of regularities and route checks across the north of Scotland (passing through Durness at 06.00 Hrs) before reaching the Final Control at John O’Groats, the piper’s welcome and breakfast at the Seaview Hotel at 10.00 hrs.

The gala prizegiving dinner will once again be at the welcoming Norseman Hotel in Wick.

( Please Note: All times above are approximate – this is a rally! )

Entry List:
Category & Class CD: Cars built between 1st Jan.1941 & 31st Dec. 1959

1, Phillip Haslam/Peter Fletcher, GBR/GBR (Jaguar XK 120 dhc 1954) 3440cc
2, Doc Horn/Andrew Muldoon, USA/Eng (Alfa Romeo 1900, 1952) 1884cc
3, Curt Wagner/Horst Pokroppa, LUX/DEU (MGA coupe, 1957) 1500cc
4, Henry Gastall/Lucy Gastall, GBR/GBR (Austin A35 , 1958) 998cc

Category E: Cars built between 1st Jan.1960 & 31st Dec. 1967
Class E1: Cars up to 1500cc

6, Mel Hatton/Phillippa Robinson, GBR/GBR (Riley 1.5, 1960) 1500cc
7, Pieter Hennipman/Thijs Hennipman, NLD/NLD (Peugeot 403, 1960) 1500cc
8, Clare Nedin/Rachel Wakefield, Wal/Eng (Cortina Mk1 (A&D), 1965) 1498cc
9, David Mustarde/Shon Gosling, Sco/GBR (Alfa Giulietta Ti, 1961) 1297cc
10, Paul Kirtley/David Jones, GBR/IRL (Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider (A&D), 1960) 1290cc

Class E2: Cars of 1501cc and up to 2000cc
12, Daniel Gresly/Christian Prunte, CHE/CHE (Porsche 911 SWB 2.0, 1965) 1998cc
13, William Cadbury/Trevor Lewis, Eng/Eng (MGB, 1965) 1950cc
14, Mike Howells/Alan Whitehead, GBR/GBR (MGB, 1966) 1800cc
15, Rod Hanson/Clare Grove, GBR/GBR (Volvo Amazon 123 GT, 1967) 1780cc
16, Peter Morris/Helen Morris, Eng/Eng (Volvo 123 GT, 1967) 1780cc
17, Thomas Huebner/Florence Huebner, CHE/CHE (Lotus Cortina 1963) 1600cc
18, Andrew Buzzard/Robb Lyne, Eng/Eng (Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV, 1967) 1570cc

Class E3: Cars of 2001cc and over
20, Richard Cunningham/James Chancellor, GBR/GBR (Sunbeam Tiger, 1962) 4200cc
21, Nigel Botterill/Julian Marshall, GBR/GBR (Rover P5B Coupe, 1967) 3500cc
22, Lloyd Gooding/Malcolm Welford, GBR/GBR (Austin Healey 3000 Mk II, 1962) 3000cc
23, Robert McClean/Susan McClean, Eng/Eng (Rover P4-100, 1962) 2625cc
24, Norman Guemblein/Ekkehard Pohl, DEU/DEU (Triumph TR3A, 1961) 2198cc
25, Steve Blunt/Bob Duck, Eng/Eng (Triumph TR4, 1962) 2188cc
26, Stephen Hall/Jonathan Hancox, Eng/Eng (Triumph TR4, 1964) 2138cc
27, Roger Bricknell/Pete Johnson, Eng/IMN (Triumph TR4, 1962) 2138cc
28, Tony Sheach/Rob Kiff, Sco/Wal (Triumph TR4, 1962) 2138cc
29, Nick Jarvis/Ryan Pickering, Eng/Eng (Triumph TR4, 1961) 2138cc

Category F: Cars built between 1st Jan.1968 & 31st Dec.1974
Class F1: Cars up to 1800cc

31, Hugh Bradford/Jonathan Frankel, Eng/Eng (Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe 1750 GTV Mk2, 1971) 1779cc
32, Steve Chick/Alex Chick, Eng/Eng (Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV (A&D), 1971) 1750cc
33, Seren Whyte/Elise Whyte, Wal/Wal (BMW 1602 (A&D), 1972) 1600cc
34, Richard Harri/Pierre Retord, CHE/CHE (Lancia Fulvia HF, 1971) 1564cc
35, Richard Derrick/Robert Duley, GBR/GBR (Austin Mini Cooper SMk II, 1970) 1275cc
36, Kevin Haselden/David Kirkham, GBR/GBR (Mini Cooper S, 1971) 1275cc

Class F2: Cars of 1801cc and above
38, Richard Waterman/Ron and Charles Waterman, Eng/Eng/Eng (Rover P6 3500S, 1973) 3500cc
39, Kevin Furnish/Pamela Furnish, GBR/GBR (Triumph TR6, 1973) 2498cc
40, Hans Christian Hiemenz/Michael Stehr, DEU/DEU (Porsche 911 T, 1971) 2341cc
41, Michael Crewes/John Hicks, GBR/GBR (Triumph 2000 Mk 2, 1971) 1998cc
42, Richard Boughton/Kevin Savage, GBR/GBR (BMW 2002 Tii, 1972) 1998cc
43, Albrecht Heinrici/Dirk von Barby, DEU/DEU (Triumph GT6, 1969) 1998cc
44, Andy Lane/Iain Tullie, Eng/Eng (BMW 2002 tii, 1973) 1996cc
45, Brendan Roberts/Paul Pheysey, GBR /GBR (Porsche 911 SWB (A&D), 1968) 1991cc
46, Urban Priol/Fabian Seydel, DEU/DEU (Mercedes Benz 200 W115, 1973) 1988cc
47, Colin Waudby/Dave Leadbetter, Sco/Eng (Volvo 123 GT, 1968) 1986cc
48, Marcel Widler/René Jung, CHE/CHE (Volvo P1800E, 1971) 1985cc
49, Christian Rűter/Stephan Huber, DEU/DEU (Peugeot 404, 1968) 1950cc
50, Chris Exelby/Tom Exelby, GBR/GBR (MGB Roadster, 1973) 1860cc

Category & Class G: Cars built from 1st January 1975
Class G1: Cars up to 1800cc

52, Justin Lawson/John Lawson, GBR/GBR (MGB Roadster, 1975) 1800cc
53, Barry Milsom/Nathan White, GBR/GBR (MGB GT, 1980) 1800cc
54, Chris Roberts/Jess Nelson, GBR/GBR (VW Golf GTi, 1983) 1800cc
55, Terry Giles/Gordon Farquaharsen, GBR/GBR (MGB GT, 1981) 1798cc
56, Simon Harris/Russell Joseph, GBR/USA (Volkswagen Golf GTi , 1983) 1780cc
57, Stefanie Edelhoff/Sandra Wukovich, DEU/DEU (Volkswagen Iltis, 1979) 1716cc
58, William Fountain/Ian Fyfe, GBR/GBR (Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk 1, 1980) 1588cc
59, Jérôme Ambrosini/Yves Thirionet, FRA/FRA (Audi 80 GTE, 1976) 1588cc
60, James (Jim) Symonds/Michael Benn, GBR/GBR (Saab 96 V4, 1977) 1498cc
61, Alex Geigy/Carl Gustav Mez, CHE/CHE (British Leyland Mini 1000, 1975) 998cc

Class G2: Cars of 1801cc and above
63, Martin Hoermann/Jochen Hempel, DEU/DEU (Mercedes Benz SLC 500 AMG, 1981) 5000cc
64, Thomas Valko/Martin Bächtold, CHE/CHE (Land Rover Range Rover, 1980) 3500cc
65, Sgt Gary Dunning/L/Cpl Will Reeks, GBR/GBR (Range Rover 3.5 (A&D), 1980) 3500cc
66, Michael Baker/Simon Baker, Eng/Eng (Porsche 911 SC, 1978) 2993cc
67, David Ring/Allison Ring, GBR/GBR (Mercedes 280S, 1978) 2800cc
68, Arndt Buehler/Peter Baumgartner, DEU/CHE (Mercedes Benz 280 E, 1982) 2800cc
69, Helge Helmbold/Selina Helmbold, DEU/DEU (Mercedes- Benz 280 TE, 1983) 2717cc
70, Eva Lemke/Willi Potjans, DEU/DEU (BMW 525 B, 1983) 2674cc
71, Ben Williams/John Francas, Eng/AUS (Porsche 944, 1981) 2479cc
72, Alex Thistlethwayte/David Hiscox, Eng/Eng (Datsun 240Z, 1971) 2400cc
73, Clemens Luber/Michael Krey, DEU/DEU (Talbot Tagora GLS, 1981) 2200cc

Classic Car Tour
T1, Patrick Burke/Max Behrndt, GBR/ ARG (Triumph TR4, 1964) 2138cc
T2, David Bryan/Ian Humpherson, GBR/ GBR (Ford Escort Mk1 Twin Cam, 1972) 2000cc
T3, Gerard de Jong/Janbart de Jong, NLD/ NLD (Jaguar XJS, 1993) 5300cc