28 Sep: Mull – Preview/Entry List

 … Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally, 8/9/10 Oct 2021 …

The arrival of the British Rally Championship on Mull for this year’s Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally has generated mixed emotions, but regardless of your thoughts and opinions there is no doubt that it will add a touch of vindaloo to the proceedings. Without wishing to be unkind to anyone, it’s hard to see victory going to anyone outside of the top six seeds. And yet …

Lewis Gallagher is an unknown quantity when it comes to Mull, David Bogie will be in the ultimate Escort and we all know that Calum Duffy reckons a good rear wheel drive car in the right conditions can more than give the all wheel drive brigade a run for their money. Neither can you discount David Wright or even James MacGillivray. Jonathan Mounsey too is a fierce competitor over these roads, Tristan Pye is a regular front runner and if Hugh Hunter gets off to a good start, who knows. Add to that, Garry Pearson is on fire at the moment.

So if anyone thinks, MacKinnon, Harper and MacCrone will run away with it, look at who’s behind them, Edwards, Pryce and Yates. You’ve got more chance of a winning lottery ticket than picking a winner from that lot.

Mull is not just about winners though, there is much more talent and countless triers further down the ranks and at the risk of leaving anyone out here goes a selection – Donnie MacDonald who hates tarmac. Actually that’s a myth, what he said way back was in jest, so he’ll be worth a watch, as too will Gordon Morrison who is to rallying what rocket fuel is to a moon mission. Then there’s Wayne Sisson, Ross Hunter, Scott MacBeth and Fergus Barlow, and if Fergus lights the blue touch paper, stand well back.

Even further down is Alistair Inglis, now with an R5, Lee Hastings if he’s in the mood and Bruce Edwards in the bionic skateboard. Kyle Adam will be worth a look-see too and what will Gordon Cunningham be able to do in such exalted company. And then of course there is the inimitable John Cressey in a  Mini Cooper S which could give a cannabis smoking, dope fuelled tortoise a serious run for its money. He won’t win. Of course he won’t! Could he?

Mull is not just about winners though. It’s not a rally, it’s an event. A high speed adventure held over some of the most tortuous tarmac seen outside a WRC event. What’s the betting that Seb Ogier would feel a wee quiver of fear burning alongside his anticipation and excitement approaching the start of Mishnish Lochs, Calgary, or the Hill Road – in the dark. Switching on the lights and seeing nothing but darkness outside the fierce white glare cutting through the unknown. Mull at night would make Tam O’Shanter feel at home amongst the witches.

Each and every one of those crews will make memories and have tales to tell awe-struck, frightened youngsters bouncing on their knees when they are in their dotage and carpet slippers.

If you’ve never been, you simply can’t understand. Yer auld pal, Jaggy.

 Entry List:
 1, Paul MacKinnon/Paul Beaton (Tobermory/Inverness) Ford Fiesta Rally2, E 
 2, Daniel Harper/Chris Campbell (Barley/Barrowford) MINI JCW WRC, E 
 3, John MacCrone/Stuart Loudon (Dervaig/Bothwell) Ford, 0, E 
 4, Matt Edwards/Darren Garrod (Colwyn Bay/Pwllheli) VW Polo GTI R5, E 
 5, Osian Pryce/Noel O'Sullivan (Machynlleth/Killarney) VW Polo R5, E 
 6, Rhys Yates/James Morgan (Chesterfield/Llandysul) Ford Fiesta Rally2, E 
 7, Lewis Gallagher/Harry Marchbank  (Tobermory/Dumfries) Mitsubishi Evo9, E 
 8, David Bogie/John Rowan (Dumfries/Portglenone) Ford Escort Mk2, D 
 9, David Wright/Paula Swinscoe (Bentham/Withnell) Ford Fiesta R5, E 
 10, James MacGillivray/Kerrie MacGillivray (Salen/Salen) Ford Escort Mk2, D 
 11, Jonathan Mounsey/Richard Wardle (Settle/Pickering) Ford Fiesta Rally2, E 
 12, Tristan Pye/Andrew Falconer (Bishop Auckland/Inverness) Subaru Impreza, E 
 14, Hugh Hunter/Dale Bowen (Ruthin/TBA) Ford Focus WRC05, E 
 15, Garry Pearson/Niall Burns (Duns/Letterkenny) Mitsubishi Evo9, E 
 16, James Wilson/Arthur Kierans (Armagh/Monaghan) Hyundai i20, E 
 17, Elliot Payne/Cameron Fair (Harrogate/Tobermory) Ford Fiesta, E 
 18, Donnie MacDonald/Jamie Edwards (Inverness/Wrexham) Mitsubishi Evo9, E 
 19, Gordon Morrison/Calum Macpherson (Kilbarchan/Taynuilt) Ford Fiesta R5, E 
 20, John Rintoul/Ross Hynd (Lower Largo/Prestwick) MINI JCW WRC, E 
 21, Alan Carmichael/Claire Williams (Ballymoney/Ammanford) Hyundai i20 R5, E 
 22, John Marshall/Dave Robson (Stirling/Jedburgh) Ford Fiesta R5, E 
 23, Stewart Morrison/Grant MacNiven (Oban/Oban) Ford Escort, C 
 24, Eddie O'Donnell jnr/Amanda O’Donnell (Salen/Salen) Ford Escort RS, D 
 25, Stephen Thompson/Larry Higton (Kirkcudbright/Newton Mearns) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 26, Craig Rutherford/TBA (Isle of Mull/TBA) Subaru Impreza, E 
 27, Wayne Sisson/Peredur Davies (Carnforth/Pwllheli) Mitsubishi Evo10, E 
 28, Doug Weir/Phil Sandham (Ellon/Carnforth) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 29, Oliver Benton/Brian Hodgson (Solihull/Penrith) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 30, Billy Bird/Plug Pulleyn (York/York) Ford Escort, D 
 31, Graham Willcock/Donna Harper (Raskelf/Raskelf) Opel Manta, C 
 32, Curly Haigh/Sally Peacock (York/York) Ford Escort, C 
 33, Ross Hunter/Callum Atkinson (St Boswells/Lauder) Mitsubishi Evo, E 
 34, Neil Roskell/Matty Daniels (Blackpool/Blackpool) Ford Fiesta R5, E 
 35, John Morrison/Peter Carstairs (Conon Bridge/St Andrews) Ford Fiesta R5, E 
 36, Scott MacBeth/Neil Shanks (Muir of Ord/Elgin) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9, E 
 37, Fergus Barlow/Craig Barlow (Tobermory/Tobermory) Subaru Impreza B13, E 
 39, Ian Chadwick/Kevin Horgan (Cork/Cork) Subaru Impreza, E 
 40, Keith Robathan/David O'Brien (Aberdeen/Duns) Ford Escort Mk2, D 
 41, John Woodward/Kevin Ikin (Nantwich/Whitchurch) Ford Escort Honda, C 
 42, Cameron MacLean/Allan MacDougall (Salen/Oban) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 43, Michael Harbour/Ian MacDougall (Dalmellington/Tobermory) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 44, Dave Hopwood/Paul Grattidge (Stoke on Trent/Stoke on Trent) Ford Escort, C 
 45, Alistair Inglis/Colin Inglis (Montrose/Edzell) Ford Fiesta R5, E 
 46, John Paterson/Paul Macfadyen (Salen/Salen) Vauxhall Corsa, B 
 47, Lee Hastings/Cole Hastings (Dumfries/Dumfries) Subaru Impreza, E 
 48, Norman MacPhail/James Braithwaite (Isle of Mull/Galashiels) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 49, Barry Groundwater/Michael Hendry (Stonehaven/Aberlour) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo6, E 
 50, Jason Black/Karl Egan (Armagh/Galway) Toyota Starlet, C 
 51, Will Rowlands/Rich Birch (Denbigh/Denbigh) Ford Escort RS1800, H2 
 52, Mark Constantine/Andrew Constantine (Richmond/Richmond) Vauxhall Corsa, A 
 53, Jim McDowall/Charlotte McDowall (Newton Stewart/Creetown) Subaru Impreza, E 
 54, Bruce Edwards/Jim Smith (Scone/Galston) Darrian GTR, D 
 55, William Creighton/Liam Regan (Moira/Belfast) Ford Fiesta, C 
 56, Ruairi Bell/Gareth Parry (London/Aberystwyth) Ford Fiesta, C 
 57, Kyle White/Sean Topping (Belfast/Banbridge) Peugeot 208 R2, B 
 58, Eamonn Kelly/Conor Mohan (Drumbarron/Ballinode) Ford Fiesta Rally4, C 
 59, David Kelly/Dean O'Sullivan (Donegal/Donegal) Ford Fiesta Rally4, C 
 60, Brian Brady/Eamonn Creedon (Kells/Macroom) Ford Fiesta Rally4, C 
 61, Finlay Retson/Rhys Stoneman (Meikelour/Ystradgynlais) Ford Fiesta, C 
 62, Eddie Lewis/Dom Adams (Ollerton/Treorchy) Ford Fiesta Rally4, C 
 63, Fraser Anderson/Jack Bowen (Helensburgh/Hereford) Ford Fiesta R2T, C 
 64, Kyle Adam/Steven Brown (Dollar/Fort William) Ford Escort Mk2, D 
 65, Neil Morgan/Shaun Hughes (Congleton/Macclesfield) Ford Escort, C 
 66, Pat Johnson/Sam Spencer (Easingwold/Malton) Opel Kadett GT/E, C 
 67, Gordon Cunningham/Charley Sayer-Payne (Galston/Hamilton) Mitsubishi Evo, E 
 68, Andrew Woodward/Tom Bowen (Crewe/Crewe) Renault Clio, C 
 69, Ashley Field/Josh Davison (Barmouth/Melrose) Opel Adam R2, B 
 70, Daniel Simcock/Mark Runciman (Kidsgrove/East Kilbride) Mitsubishi Evo6, E 
 71, Geoffrey Gallagher/Lee Gallagher (Tobermory/Tobermory) Mitsubishi Evo8, E 
 72, Allan McDowall/Gavin Heseltine (Tarbolton/Gilberdyke) Opel Kadett, D 
 73, Steven Paterson/Scott Paterson (Salen/Salen) Subaru Impreza, E 
 74, Allan Cameron/Angus Williams (Isle of Mull/Isle of Mull) Subaru Impreza N12B, E 
 75, John Cressey/Martin Cressey (Long Preston/Long Preston) Mini Cooper S, A 
 76, Adam Booth/Dan Granger  (Congleton/Congleton) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 77, Alasdair Ingram/Bernard McSweeny (Tobermory/Cork) Honda EK4 VTI, B 
 78, Dave Holland/Neil Gater (Cheshire/Cheshire) Ford Escort RS, C 
 79, Gareth Hooper/Paul Wild (Steeton/Keighley) Opel Manta 400, C 
 80, Keith Hall/Peter Johnson (Reagill/Penrith) Ford Fiesta, C 
 81, Des Campbell/Craig Forsyth (Duns/Kelso) Peugeot 206, B 
 82, Kev Dunn/TBA (St Boswells/TBA) Honda Civic, C 
 83, Stewart Dodds/Mark McPherson (Kirkcudbright/Ballymoney) Vauxhall Nova, A 
 84, Brian Watson/Sean Donnelly (Kinneff/Elgin) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 85, Geoff Dean/Tom Spencer  (Malton/Malton) BMW 325i, D 
 86, Robert Mathieson/Billy Dalgleish (Salen/Sanquhar) Ford Escort, D 
 87, James Boland/John McCay (Wexford/Derry) Ford Fiesta Rally4, C 
 88, Jason Dickson/Martin Brady (Omagh/Strabane) Ford Fiesta, C 
 89, Johnnie Mulholland/Calum Maguire (Randalstown/Monaghan) Ford Fiesta R2T, C 
 90, Rupert Flynn/Glyn Thomas (Hawkhurst/Weston-Super-Mare) Ford Fiesta Rally4, C 
 91, Tim Baker/Ben Innes (Ludlow/Ludlow) Talbot Sunbeam, D 
 92, Darren Thompson/Kyle Livingstone (Tobermory/Tobermory) Subaru Impreza N14, E 
 93, Steven O'Donnell/Stewart Wilshire (Tobermory/Tobermory) Citroen C2, B 
 94, Chris Woodward/Josh Beer (Crewe/Bedale) Renault Clio R3, C 
 95, Gareth Black/Connor Dunlop (Armagh/Portglenone) Toyota Starlet, C 
 96, Neil Thompson/Niall Frost (Chirnside/Darley) Vauxhall Corsa Maxi, B 
 97, Billy McLelland/Ben Teggart (Dumfries/Banbridge) Mitsubishi Evo, E 
 98, Martin Page/Emily Easton-Page (Finzean/Finzean) MINI Cooper S, D 
 99, Gary Dillon/Dave Riley (Harmston/Blackpool) Honda Civic Type R, C 
 100, Dan Sedgwick/Sam Ambler (Ribblehead/Horton in Ribblesdale) Peugeot 106 Rallye, B 
 101, Jack Hartley/TBA (Barley/TBA) Austin Mini, A 
 102, Graeme Sherry/Ewan Lees (Gartcosh/Waterfoot) Subaru Impreza N12, E 
 103, Adrian Rankin/Keith Peoples (Letterkenny/Letterkenny) Toyota Corolla, B 
 104, Kevin Gray/Callum Shanks (Invergordon/Castle Douglas) Suzuki Swift, C 
 105, Alistair Dalgliesh/David Dalgliesh (Lanark/Lanark) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9, E 
 106, Malcolm Davey/Paul Slingsby (Bradford/Ilkley) Ford Escort Mk1, H2 
 107, Paul Daniel/Helen Noble (Malton/Appleby) Ford Escort RS1800, H4 
 108, Craig Callander/Ross Callander (Lochgilphead/Lochgilphead) Subaru Impreza, E 
 109, Scott MacDonald/Angus MacNeil (Maryburgh/Oban) Subaru Impreza WRC, E 
 110, John Deegan/Pauline Merrills (Rawtenstall/Radcliffe) Subaru Justy, B 
 111, Allan Clark/Iain Thorburn (Blackwood/Elgin) Chrysler  Sunbeam E3, B 
 112, Paul Mankin/Peter E R Scott (Newcastle upon Tyne/Leeds) Clan Crusader, H3 
 113, George Merrills/Callum Young (Bury/Leyland) Honda Civic Type-R, C 
 114, Tom Howie/Michael Mackenzie (Inverness/Inverness) Talbot Sunbeam, B 
 115, Brian Beefy Fraser/Gordon Chalmers (Inverness/Inverness) Hillman Avenger Tiger, H1 
 116, Alister MacArthur/Chris Robertson (Lochgilphead/Tarbert) Talbot Sunbeam, C 
 117, Duncan MacLean/Chris Pedley (Lochgilphead/Manchester) Peugeot 106 GTI, B 
 118, Stephen Benton/John Henderson (Solihull/Portadown) Ford Escort Mk2, D 
 119, Andrew Moverley/Harry Stubbs (Market Weighton/Ashton Hayes) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 120, Donald McEwan/Ellis Flemming (Prestonpans/Preston) Subaru Impreza WRX, E 
 121, Ian Woodward/Rich Pover (Winsford/Crewe) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 122, Fraser MacNicol/Ian Parker (Ullapool/Lochgilphead) Ford Escort Mk2, D 
 123, Ryan Ingram/Calum MacDougall (Tobermory/Tobermory) Honda Civic, B 
 124, Sam MacFadyen/Daniel Paterson (Newtongrange/Stonehaven) Renault Clio, C 
 125, Shug Rutherford/Louis Rutherford (Bunessan/Stornoway) Peugeot 205 RWD, C 
 126, James McDiarmid/Max Haines-Messenger (Aberfeldy/London) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 127, Iain Noble/Alan Noble (Tobermory/Salen) Citroen C2, B 
 128, Shug Steel/Paul Rusted (Strathaven/Bedworth) Subaru Impreza, E 
 129, Andy Hardiman/Rhys Edwards (Builth/Hay on Wye) Peugeot 205, C 
 130, Campbell McColm/Donald McColm (Stranraer/Stranraer) Ford Escort Mk2, C 
 131, Martin Crombie/Ricky Finlayson (Contin/Inverness) Talbot Sunbeam, C 
 132, Ruaridh Allan/Jamie Maclean (Oban/Salen) Vauxhall Nova, B 
 133, Drew Gallagher/David Crosbie (Inverkip/Penpont) Skoda Fabia, E 
 134, Ian Dawes/Gary Dawes (Burnley/Burnley) Austin Mini Cooper S, H1 
 135, Martin Beech/Mark Skellern (Congleton/Congleton) Peugeot 205 GTi, C 
 136, Gavin Lloyd/Gordon Clark (Edinburgh/Falkirk) Vauxhall Nova, A 
 137, Gordon Milne/Paul Watson (Dunfermline/Longframlington) VW Polonda, B 
 138, Sandy Arbuthnott/Ian Arbuthnott (Elgin/Forres) Ford Focus 4WD, E 
 139, Damian Breckon/David Cameron (Keith/Portree) Skoda Fabia S2000 Evo, C 
 140, Drew Struthers/Fiona Moir (Carnwath/Inverness) Hillman Avenger, H1 
 141, Kevin Charles/Anthony Jevons (Workington/Pembroke) Ford Fiesta ST, C 
 142, Stu McLaren/Eoghan Anderson (Lanark/Methven) Opel Kadett GT/E, H4 
 143, James Slater/Christopher Slater (Tiroran/Threshfield) Ford Focus RWD, C 
 144, Paul Miller/Katy Mashiter (Kendal/Morecambe) BMW E36 Compact, D 
 145, Steven Alexander /Christina Turner (Blairgowrie/Blairgowrie) Citroen Saxo, B 
 146, Mike Curry/Mark Mason (Thornhill/Gateshead) Sunbeam Imp Sport, H1 
 147, Ben Smith/Christian Smith (Buntingford/Buntingford) MG ZR160, C 
 148, Bobby MacDonald/Martin MacCabe (Old Philpstoun/Glasgow) Subaru Impreza, E 
 149, Cameron Davidson/Ian McRae (Lesmahagow/Gartcosh) Peugeot 205, C 
 150, Charles Andrews/Louis Baines (Lancaster/Leyland) Toyota Corolla, C 
 151, Nicki Boocock/Lewis Hooper (Steeton/Steeton) Nissan Micra, A 
 152, Innes Mochrie/Kirsty Mochrie (Lochgilphead/Lochgilphead) Rover Metro, A 

      All cars up to and incl 1400cc     
      All cars from 1401 up to and   inc 1600cc     
      All cars from 1601 up to and   inc 2000cc     
      Two Wheel Drive Cars 2001cc and   over     
      Four Wheel Drive Cars 2001cc   and over     
      Category 1 up to and inc 1600cc   single cam     
      Category 1 over 1600cc and all   twin cams     
      Category 2 up to and inc 1600cc   single & multi cam     
      Category 2 over 1600cc